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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Red Dress Diary: Entry Two

Mad Dog's gettin' married! Every Friday we're reading from her "secret" diary as the big day approaches! Shhh... Here's her second entry:

Meeting the Kids...The Rest of the Story:
I was having lunch one day with my niece. It was right before my first trip to meet my fiance's grown children and I was already quite nervous about the upcoming introduction. So her question made me even more aprehensive.

"You aren't going to meet his kids in clothes like that, are you?"

I hadn't bought clothing for quite a while, and I guess I hadn't noticed that my wardrobe was mostly worn and dated. Before I could answer, she quipped, "Well, we will just have to go shopping and get you some 'meet the kids' clothes."

I loved what she picked out, and Tom's daughter immediately complimented me on my attire. When I explained that it was one of my new "meet the kids" outfits, she laughed, paused and then asked, "Dad, how old is that shirt you have on? Maybe you should have been the one to get new 'meet the kids' clothes!"

--Melinda (Mad Dog)


Norm Cowie said...

What's wrong with an old ratty robe? Comfortable, unpretentious, non threatening...



Mary Cunningham said...

Sounds like a "win-win," Mad Dog! You got some new clothes and endeared yourself to the kids by admitting it.

Mary (Milkbone)


Anonymous said...

That is too funny. Shopping and acceptance, I'm with Milkbone, you can't go wrong!

Course if you told me you hated me it would be good reason to shop...but let's stay positive. LOL


Regan Black said...

There's concrete evidence that shopping fixes everything!


Diana Black said...

Funny, whatever you & Tom were wearing when you met each other was good enough to get the job done, right?

But again, ANY reason to shop...

If only to stimulate the economy ;>)


Morgan Mandel said...

I need to find more "gained wait over the winter" clothes.

Morgan Mandel

WOOFers said...


Sometimes ratty is good!


WOOFers said...


Maybe I can wear one of my "meet the kids" outfits when we meet for the book festival in LA!


WOOFers said...


I'm with you! There is nothing that a good shopping trip can't fix!

WOOFers said...


Boy can I identify with that!


Eileen Williams said...

Boy, can I relate! Some of my clothes have been around for decades. Actually, I have 2 shirts which I still wear (only for exercising-I promise!) where I cut out the shoulder pads. Talk about vintage!

WOOFers said...


I hate to admit this, but not too many years ago, I still had some bell bottoms. I cut the bottoms off and rolled them up for shorts. Now that is REALLY vintage!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Diana … on both comments. Your winning smiles did it! But, I know it felt good to shop! Tom, I’m sure gets his satisfaction in other ways …. Like fishing!