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Friday, September 30, 2011

WOOF: October is Dog Adoption Month!

WOOF supports adoption of shelter dogs!

Reasons to Adopt a Dog: 
  •  You WILL make a difference. If the problem of pets dying in shelters seems overwhelming, think about this: If just one in three people opted to adopt rather than buy a dog, no adoptable dogs would need to be euthanized for lack of a home.
  • You'll save time and money. Sure, shelters and rescue groups charge adoption fees, but you can easily find a pet who has been vaccinated, spayed or neutered and, quite often, trained. If you were to pay for those services yourself, you'd spend much more.
  • You will receive unconditional love. Ask anyone who's adopted: Rescued dogs just seem to know you saved them (especially older dogs), and they repay that act of kindness a thousandfold. How many times have we heard someone say their shelter pet in fact rescued them?
  • You will not be supporting cruelty. Each dog adopted rather than purchased means less of a market for unhealthy, inbred puppies produced under cruel conditions in puppymill operations throughout the country.
American Humane Association and PetFinder are excellent places to start looking for that perfect addition to your family!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

WOOF: can't buy "me" love

In 1975, the flicker of 50 birthday candles in the not too distant future, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis dusted off her resume’ and went to work.

Did she have to? No. And, yes.

No, because she had money enough to live extremely well.

Yes, because money can’t buy “me” love.

The former First Lady supposedly told a friend that she’d always lived through men. And she couldn’t do that anymore.

The suggestion of another friend coupled with her lifelong love of books soon led her to a career as editor; a damn fine editor.

Such a fine editor that she revised, corrected and updated some of her own personal thoughts and beliefs as well. Four months after John F. Kennedy was assassinated at her side, she’d shared that her opinions depended on those of a husband. One might assume she carried that conviction through her marriage to Aristotle Onassis.

But in an issue of Ms. Magazine in 1979, the cover posing a question “Why Does This Woman Work?”, Onassis wrote, “What has been sad for many women of my generation is that they weren’t supposed to work if they had families… the definition of happiness: ‘complete use of one’s faculties along the lines leading to excellence in a life affording them scope.’ It applies to women as well as to men.”

After tragedy and triumphs, as many aspire when we reach midlife, Jackie O. found happiness within. Though one might argue even she would have been at a loss for words to describe how much her two children filled her with pride and joy. She often said they were her most important responsibility in life.

Bottom line, when her kids were grown and a man’s values no longer determined her own, Kennedy-Onassis discovered something that allowed her to feel vibrant and alive.

Work. Work that didn’t feel like work.

Work she loved. Love that worked.

~ Diana Black
(content & grahic copyright diana black 2011)

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Friday, September 23, 2011

WOOF: Furry Friends Friday - Celebrity Dogs (& Their People)

Martha Stewart (yes, that's the name of Jennifer Garner's Lab) out for a stroll

Norman & Dolly take Jennifer Anniston for a stroll on the beach

Sisi and Essa walk Orlando Bloom in the Bahamas

Lucy, Stella, Hank, Tina and Henry sitting with their human, Denise Richards

And, the First Dog taking Potus for a run

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Monday, September 19, 2011

WOOF: Media Monday - Jobseeking WOOFers!

Jobseeking WOOFers: Your Time is NOW!

WOOF is proud to have Mary Eileen Williams, guest blog contributor:

In addition to being a proud member of the Feisty Side of Fifty, I’ve been a career counselor/job search specialist for more then 20 years. Because so many boomers have been laid off after years of employment and don’t have the skills to successfully navigate today’s job market, I’ve created a book/workbook so that readers could compete with confidence.

Land the Job You Love: 10 Surefire Strategies for JobseekersOver 50 walks jobseekers through each phase of the process, provides detailed actions steps, and guides older applicants in techniques that will distinguish them as the valuable candidate they are. Thanks to top dogs, Mary Cunningham and Diana Black, I’ve been given this opportunity to spread the word about this very special time of year…
Many jobseekers don’t realize that opportunities for finding work do not rest on national economic figures alone—there is a seasonal aspect to the job hunt. Early fall is one of the two strongest hiring periods of the year. Just like the school year begins afresh, organizations gear up after the summer slowdown. Companies need employees and contract workers to carry out new projects and initiatives. Therefore, they begin to interview more actively.

So now is the time to be certain you’re doing all you can to be one of those selected:

Approach the market with confidence. Realize much of the doom and gloom about older applicants is not borne out by real statistics. US News and World Report stated in a recent article that from 1/1/10 to 4/1/11 (a period of 15 months), most new jobs went to applicants 55 and older. And this number was huge! You’ll want to be certain to check out the great news here

Get your resume in tip-top shape. Read up on the critical keys to marketing your skills and experience in a way that will highlight your strengths, distinguish you from the competition, and arouse the reader’s interest. Also be sure to take a look at the brief 5-minute video that explains how best to format your resume.

Network like crazy. Use online tools such as Linked-In, Twitter, and Facebook to best advantage. But, whenever you can, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. Create a list of target companies where you’d like to work and network your way through the door.

Ace the interview. Prepare well and study the current trends in your industry. Read up on the company—pay particular attention to recent developments: management changes, new products and marketing initiatives, and any news about the competition. You’ll need to sound like a knowledgeable insider.

Be able to name your key skills and be certain to back them up with examples of you performing your work at its best. Examples prove (as much as possible within an interview setting) that you own these skills and have used them successfully in the past. Prior accomplishments are considered the best predictor of future success—so you'll want to wow your interviewer with what you've already achieved. Check out how to do this and nail 5 key questions here.

Understand the rules of the game today. If you’re an older applicant, chances are you’re wasting a lot of time and effort going about your job search using less than effective means. By understanding a few techniques and strategies to present yourself well in the modern job market, you’ll shave weeks—maybe months—off of your search. The dog days of summer are over, but your opportunities for finding work are just now gearing up—so go out there and show ‘em just how doggone feisty a jobseeker over 50 can be. And, as a savvy WOOFer, you’ll be leading the pack for sure!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

WOOF: Furry Friends Friday Chicken Soup for the WOOFers Soul

WOOF thought this book was worth a howl or two.

It's a dog's life. This collection of 101 stories focuses on all the memorable ages and stages of our lovable canines' lives. Starting in puppyhood and covering a range of middle and senior years to the twilight and end when our dear friends leave us, this book captures the entire experience of living through the natural life cycle with our dogs.

All dog lovers will laugh, cry, and recognize themselves and their furry friends in these heartwarming and inspiring stories of puppy antics, teenage rebellion, adapting to an aging dog and, finally, having to say goodbye.

Chicken Soup for the Soul - My Dog's Life on Amazon

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