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Friday, July 29, 2011

WOOF: Furry Friends Friday - Rocky's Food Challenge, by Rosie Battista

Rosie Battista recently visited the WOOFers Club Blog and now, gives some insight on her pug, Rocky, his eating habits and how we can learn from Rocky's new eating challenge!

I think my pug is in disguise. Underneath that adorable face is really a pig snout.

I don’t mean to be putting negative labels on pig’s (so you pig lovers out there, please do not get offended, just get my point). But if you could see (actually hear) the way he eats, you’d have to call him by the same name or better. Rocky (my 6 year old pug) is on a mission when he eats, to get the bowl of food into his stomach as quickly as possible and he just chows down in one full swoop, never stopping or even breathing. He’s focused on getting it in and nothing gets in the way of his dish and his mouth, at least that was until I discovered this new fantastical invention, probably invented by the mother of a pug as well.

This is Rocky’s new bowl.

It’s a slow feed bowl. Can you see the bumper type ridges in the bowl? The way it works is that he can’t get his mouth to the bottom of the bowl right away. He’s got to work on fitting his snout in around the ridges or bumpers. It takes a bit longer to eat this way.

He must be so frustrated at me although I am happy to report that have noticed no signs of hostility on his end. Although he did spend about 10 minutes this morning trying to get the last single kibble out of the center of the bottom of this “slow feed” dish. This bumper bowl got me thinking about us humans. What do we as human beings have to do for ourselves to get off the “PIG’ list.? How can we slow down without the aid of this type of devise (bowl)?

There are some ideas that we can try:

• Put your fork down between bites
• Chew each mouthful to a count of 30 times
• Set a timer and do not get up from the table till the timer rings.

Will you try one or all of these things? If Rocky can do it, we can at least try!


WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty

Monday, July 25, 2011

WOOF Media Monday: Sleeping Naked After 40 (or 50!)

Feeling fat and frazzled, I entered a Fab After Fifty contest for a 30-minute phone session with Sleeping Naked After 40 guru, Rosie Battista. I wasn't sure what to expect, but her website was fun and loaded with information.

After filling out a form with my deepest, darkest secrets, i.e., my relationship with food (love!), biggest food challenge (snacking), worst body feature (tummy), best body feature (feet - seriously!) and how many diets I've been on (dozens), I was prepared to be motivated toward a healthier lifestyle.

Rosie couldn't have been nicer. Okay, maybe she got a little snippy about the fact that I haven't been eating my veggies as I should, but, other than that, she was helpful, motivating and inspirational. And, btw, Rosie just celebrated her 51st birthday! Sorry, Rosie, I just had to tell. :)

Check out her video below for an introduction to Sleeping Naked After 40

In Rosie's Own Words!


As the owner and founder of SLEEPING NAKED AFTER 40 and author of the book by the same title, Sleeping Naked After 40 ~ A Woman’s Inspirational, Motivational and Educational Guide to Extreme Self Care, my mission is to empower women to build their healthiest, sexiest body at every age so that they have the confidence and courage to build a healthy, sexy business and share their best stuff with the world. I inspire and teach them to fall in love with their food, their bodies, and their lives with small step-by-step, implementable actions and sustainable practices that yield huge results.


After you've check out Rosie's website, books, motivational tools and recipes, don't forget about WOOF:

Friday, July 22, 2011

WOOF: Furry Friends Friday - Ready For Snow??

How many of you WOOFers are ready to trade places with this pooch? Record high temps and record humidity are not helping hot flashes and night sweats! Don't know about you, but I'm ready to plop down, naked, in a huge snowdrift and create my own snow angels. Anyone want to join me in, oh, say...January?

In the meantime, stay inside and read!

WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty

Monday, July 18, 2011

WOOF Remembers Princess Diana

Princess Diana would have joined the WOOFer pack this month. 

Some of us remember her first capturing our hearts. A shy, young girl.

Her “fairytale” wedding in St. Paul’s Cathedral watched by a global television audience of 750 million while 600,000 people lined the streets to catch a glimpse.

Her early motherhood years with two sons she simply adored.

Discovering herself when stripped of her HRH, to which 14-year-old William confided, “Don’t worry, Mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am king.”

Tina Brown wrote in Newsweek that days before the most recent royal wedding, William took Kate to visit his mother’s grave, “showing his wife-to-be that Diana still lives and is vibrant in his memory. And in ours.”

WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty

Friday, July 15, 2011

Furry Friday: WOOFers Volunteer!

WOOFers and volunteering. They go together like dogs and nuzzling.

Could that be why so many WOOFers are looking to their four-legged friends to join them as volunteers?

You may know of volunteer opportunities where a pet blends in perfectly.
If so, please leave a comment and/or link below!

d.d. dawg is familiar with a remarkable Pet Therapy program at one of the country’s oldest and most celebrated nonprofit hospices. She first became aware of
Alive Hospice in Nashville, Tenn., through its outstanding “people” volunteer program. And though she was never in the position to enroll an animal in the Pet Therapy program, she saw firsthand how patients positively responded to therapy trained dogs and cats.
See how Daisy (pictured above) is making a difference! (click here for video)
WOOFers everywhere know that unconditional love from another living, breathing being validates our own existence.


WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty
WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty OmniLit

Monday, July 11, 2011

WOOF: Media Monday - Feisty Side of Fifty Interview

Mary & Diana talk to Feisty-Side of Fifty WOOFer,
 Mary Eileen Williams on Blog Talk Radio!

And, don't forget to buy your copy of WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty!

Friday, July 8, 2011

WOOF: Furry Friends Friday - Odie's "Tail"

Odie was a sweet dog. So lovable and loving, but he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
You probably can't tell it from this picture. He looks pretty normal, doesn't he?
Ah! This should give you a clue. Odie decided to investigate the garbage one day and got his head "stuck" in a Mrs. Paul's fish box. That was bad enough. Worse, he had no clue how to get it out and stood, motionless for...well, long enough for me to find my camera and take several pictures of his plight.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

WOOF: Media Monday - Friendships Get Better With Age

A recent USA Today article stated that friendships
 get better with age.

Good friendships can spring up at any time in life, says clinical psychologist Samantha Litzinger, an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y. She says women often form close relationships based on similar experiences or interests later in life, such as parenting, marriage struggles and hobbies.

Do you have long-lasting friendships, or have your close friends evolved through the years as your interests changed or you moved to a different location or state? Maybe, as empty nesters, you lost that common bond with other parents.

Leave a comment about a special friend relationship in your life - long-standing or recent.

Mary & Diana - the Younger Years!

Mary & Diana - The "Mature" years!

To read the entire article go to USA Today

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