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Friday, November 26, 2010

WOOF: Furry Friends Friday - Happy Tails

Just discovered a blog called Happy Tails and wanted to share this story about Berringer, abandoned by his family and rescued by the kind, generous Weiss family. Be sure to click on the link below to hear the rest of the story.

Thanksgiving gives us many things to be thankful for: friends, family, hot mulled cider… But the holidays don’t bring cheer for everyone. Many rescues put their adoption applicants on hold during the holidays because of the many mislead people who wish to give pets for holiday gifts (the majority of the time this gift pets end up back at the rescue or in shelters). This causes foster homes to be in especially short supply, which is compounded by the fact that many fosters are unavailable because they are on vacation. Luckily for Berringer, a rescued Lab in need of a foster home, The Weiss family was willing to open their heart and home of a needy dog for the holidays:

To read the rest of the story, click on Happy Tails Blog

Told by Tammy Weiss, from Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories About Labrador Retrievers)

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WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WOOF: WOOP-WOOP-Wednesday! It's 50-year-old Jennifer Grey!

And the season-11 champion of Dancing with the Stars is...

WOOFer, Jennifer Grey!

The actress, 50, grabbed the ABC competition's mirrorball trophy on Tuesday's results show, beating out fellow finalists Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin.

Grey and pro partner Derek Hough entered the finale as clear frontrunners, scoring raves from judges and a perfect 60 for their two dances on Monday (including an emotional cha-cha tribute to her iconic Dirty Dancing role and late costar Patrick Swayze.)

And, she almost didn't dance on Tuesday after rupturing a disc! Just proves, we WOOFers are tough cookies!

So, whether you like the show or not; whether you believe the voting is fair, you have to give props to this amazing 50-year-old! Congrats, Jennifer!

Read more on OMG - Yahoo

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Monday, November 22, 2010

WOOF: Media Monday - Body Image

WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty addresses body image with humor...and sometimes that's what we need. To laugh at the sags and sways. Other times, it's anything but a laughing matter. Especially when the media seems set on creating and sustaining unrealistic expectations. (A link should not be construded as a WOOF endorsement.)

Beauty and Body Image in the Media:

Media Coverage of Women and Women's Issues:

Portia de Rossi – the most recent woman in the media to speak out about her struggles with body image

Friday, November 19, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

WOOF: Media Monday with Fabulous Way-Over-Fifty Fonda!

Women Only Over Fifty remember 1982 and feeling the burn along with 45-year-old Jane Fonda and her workout tape! (some of us may still feel that burn!)

Well, now she's 72 and back with a new workout DVD for ladies in the prime of their lives. (yes, that would be us!) Here's just a brief part of the conversation she had recently with Oprah.

“Do you feel as great as you look?” Oprah asked on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

“Yes,” Jane announced. “I think it’s just getting better!

“Over [age] 50, people tend to get happier and less anxious,” she explained. “[Life] gets better and easier.

“One part of wisdom is knowing what you don’t need anymore and letting it go,” she added. “We don’t have to keep going back there. Been there, done that. I survived. I can do it again.”

Jane Fonda Prime Time: Fit & Strong DVD
Women Only Over Fifty

Friday, November 12, 2010

WOOF: Furry Friends Friday: Aging Boomer Drivers

It's inevitable. As we age, our reaction time slows a bit, and we can't see at night like we could in our 30's and 40's. Sadly, we're usually the last to know.

Now, we're not suggesting WOOFers are like the 85-year-old woman who drove to her dentist a few weeks ago on the
WRONG SIDE OF I-95, but the NTSB is conducting a study on the effects of aging Baby Boomers hitting the road.

"With the number of people 65 or older expected to double in the next three decades, the elderly are driving more often, are taking longer trips and seem rooted in communities where getting around by car is the only option.

The graying of the roads prompted the National Transportation Safety Board to host a forum this week on aging drivers to analyze the impact of the change...."

So, whether you're noticing subtle changes or worrying about an aging parent, stay sharp and remember, the life you save...

could be your dog's!

When you're not driving, or worrying about it, read WOOF! Women Only Over Fifty

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WOOF: Woop-Woop Wednesday - Pulpwood Queens 2011 Girlfriend's Weekend!

The Pulpwood Queen's

11th Anniversary Girlfriend Weekend

January 13 - 16, 2011

And, WOOF is going to be there!

What began with six, really complete strangers, has now grown to nearly 400 chapters of women and yes, a few good men who have become Kathy Patrick's nearest and dearest friends for a lifetime. After appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s OXYGEN NETWORK, ABC’s Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more newspapers, magazines than you can shake a stick at; The Pulpwood Queens are now the largest meeting and discussing book club in the WORLD!

The author lineup for the weekend is amazing ... Pat Conroy, Fannie Flagg, Cathie Beck...

WOOFer authors, Diana Black and Mary Cunningham are also on the list! Here's our panel info:

Jan 15, 2011 - 3:30 p.m. – 4:15 P.M. STORIES FIT FOR A QUEEN
Authors featured:


DAVID VALDES GREENWOOD of The Rhinestone Sisterhood: A Journey Through Small Town America, One Tiara At A Time

OLIVIA DeBELLE BYRD of Miss Hildreth Wore Brown: Anecdotes of a Southern Belle

CINDY RATZLAF and KATHY KINNEY of Queen of Your Own Life

SHELLIE RUSHING TOMLINSON of Suck in Your Stomach and Put Some Color On: What Southern Mamas Tell Their Southern Daughters That The Rest of Y’all Should Know Too

Order your copy of WOOF and join us in Jefferson Texas!

Pulpwood Queens Blog

Pulpwood Queens Website

Beauty & the Book website

Monday, November 8, 2010

WOOF: Media Monday: Pregnancy After Fifty???


More than 100 women over the age of 50 in England and Wales became mothers last year according to the Office of National Statistics.

This represents a 55 percent increase on 2008. 14 of the women were over 55.

All I can say is, glad I don't live in England or Wales!

What's your opinion? How would pregnancy/motherhood suit you after the age of fifty?

To read more, click on the link below:
More women over 50 becoming mothers

If you're an empty-nester, look for great stories in WOOF: Women Only Over 50!

Friday, November 5, 2010

WOOF: Furry Friends Friday - Charlie In Charge (For Now)

But, Did Leslie Huffman bite off more than she can chew?

She adopted Charlie from a North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue. Rottweiller?? Charlie doesn't look like he has much Rottweiler in him, but as Leslie found out, the group also rescues small dogs from kill shelters, which was where Charlie ended up after being taken from a puppy mill.

So, after a unanimous family meeting, filling out six pages of paper work, providing three references, and another phone call to verify the above, the Huffmans met the pomeranian chihuahua mix. He was adorable and mellow and it was love at first sight.

But, the story continues.. Read about Leslie's new search for a Dog Whisperer!

(WOOF promises to post updates on the Charming Charlie saga)

To read more pet adoption stories, buy WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WOOF: Special Wednesday Celebration!

“Only when we are so old, only are we aware of the beauty of life!”

Alice Sommer

The oldest living Holocaust survivor who will celebrate her 107th birthday in November. A concert pianist in Prague, at age 39 she and her young son were deported to Theresienstadt, a concentration camp where artists and musicians were allowed to continue their art for propaganda purposes. She continues to play the piano every day… (to view inspiring 12 minute video, click here)

“I never hate. Hatred only brings hatred”