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Monday, July 25, 2011

WOOF Media Monday: Sleeping Naked After 40 (or 50!)

Feeling fat and frazzled, I entered a Fab After Fifty contest for a 30-minute phone session with Sleeping Naked After 40 guru, Rosie Battista. I wasn't sure what to expect, but her website was fun and loaded with information.

After filling out a form with my deepest, darkest secrets, i.e., my relationship with food (love!), biggest food challenge (snacking), worst body feature (tummy), best body feature (feet - seriously!) and how many diets I've been on (dozens), I was prepared to be motivated toward a healthier lifestyle.

Rosie couldn't have been nicer. Okay, maybe she got a little snippy about the fact that I haven't been eating my veggies as I should, but, other than that, she was helpful, motivating and inspirational. And, btw, Rosie just celebrated her 51st birthday! Sorry, Rosie, I just had to tell. :)

Check out her video below for an introduction to Sleeping Naked After 40

In Rosie's Own Words!


As the owner and founder of SLEEPING NAKED AFTER 40 and author of the book by the same title, Sleeping Naked After 40 ~ A Woman’s Inspirational, Motivational and Educational Guide to Extreme Self Care, my mission is to empower women to build their healthiest, sexiest body at every age so that they have the confidence and courage to build a healthy, sexy business and share their best stuff with the world. I inspire and teach them to fall in love with their food, their bodies, and their lives with small step-by-step, implementable actions and sustainable practices that yield huge results.


After you've check out Rosie's website, books, motivational tools and recipes, don't forget about WOOF:

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Janett Brown said...

Well I know a 60-year-old woman who's still having a happy sexual life. And she's sill one of the most sucessful managers in her field. And when I asked her about her secret, she said working out.