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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Feet Have It!

Noticed this article, recently on Boomerful.com and had to get the opinion of Wise Woofers.

I’m a flip flop gal. No, I’m not in politics. Never have been. Never want to be. I’m talking about the shoes. In the article Dr. Oliver Zong warns against these staples of Boomer footwear.

“Zounds, Dr. Zong! Don’t take away my comfies!” I shout.

According to the good doctor, "Instead of mimicking the movement of walking barefoot and allowing the foot to naturally roll from heel to toe, a soft-soled shoe actually creates more work for the muscles of the foot therefore tiring them out faster."

(Wonder what he thinks of going barefoot...my first option.)

So, how do all you WOOFers feel about flip flops? Or, “thongs” as they used to be called. Remember that? My husband mentioned to his grown daughter that he’d found a great new pair of “thongs.” She blanched in horror at the image until he showed her his new footwear. She made him promise never to use that word again in reference to any of his past, present or future attire.

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Mary Welk said...

Never been a flip-flop person. That little rubber strap that fits between your toes HURTS!!!!! How do you manage it?? Me, I'm a gym shoe person in the winter, barefoot in the summer, sandals only if needed.

Mary Cunningham said...

Just takes getting used to, Mary. I must have calluses between my toes!

I'm running around barefoot in the summer, too.

Diana Black said...

Got my flip flops on right now! Though I can understand how they might irrate some tootsies and why they might not be healthy for the ole feet. I can't wear any shoe that doesn't have some sort of a raised heel (making my flip flops "extree special!"). What I'm not gonna tell you is whether or not I'm wearing a thong!

Diana (d.d. dawg)

Patty Gironda said...

loved them as a kid-

But I can see the doctor's point because I tried the croc sandals and they really strained my hips!

cute picture-