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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make that "Bailey On The Rocks"


The above is a portion of a poem titled “Covers” that I was happy to compose (compose?!?!) for WOOF: Women Only Over 50. (Interested in reading the rest? Just so happens you can order or download it by clicking right here!) Anyhoo…

Recently the poem and several other sections of the WOOF book were read by life coach Michelle Wilson to her weight-loss class. They loved the book! (what's not to love?!)

Members were particularly interested in the story Melinda (Mad Dog) shares about that special place on a woman’s body where she actually loses weight as she ages. (True! I swear we do!)

Michelle has an extraordinary gift for helping people realize their dreams and furry animals find good adoptive homes. We’re pleased to have her as a proud supporter of people WOOFers and animal woofers everywhere.

Please check out her company, Life Skills Inside Out, and the affirming services she provides.

Oh, by the way, it's official. Michelle is has joined ranks as a WOOFer. She recently registered with WOOF (insert: tail wag salute), and has graciously allowed us to include her WOOFer information here, today.

After completing our highly developed one-question quiz (found in the WOOF book), it was established Michelle is, in fact, a Bona Fide Fido. Please join us as we welcome our newest WOOFer, Bailey on the Rocks.

-- Diana (d.d.dawg)


Diana Black said...

Hi, Michelle! Welcome to the pack!!

d.d. dawg (Diana)

Katsnip said...
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WOOFers said...

Welcome Michelle!


Mary Cunningham said...

We salute you, B.O.T.R.! And, welcome to the WOOFers!