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Monday, March 30, 2009

Living Breathing Dinosaurs?!

It's no secret newspapers are in serious financial trouble. I, for one, am all about evolution and survival of the fittest...But not my Sunday paper!

Anyway, CBS Sunday Morning did a segment on the plight of paper news media and interviewed a 30-year veteran at one of the major newspapers. She admits, still today, she gets a thrill when she opens a newspaper.

Then she said it. She added she's over 50. And THEN she said, "I'm a dinosaur!"

I laughed, and then jumped off the sofa to write this post...

Can WOOFers make a pact, right here and now, that we shall NEVER refer to ourselves as dinosaurs?!

Apparently the term "dinosaur" was coined in 1842 by Sir Richard Owen and derives from the Greek "terrible, powerful, wondrous." Okay, I can live with the definition.

But I'm not near extinct and I just bet neither are any of you! Not even that newspaper veteran.

Are we together on this?!?!?!? Don't make me come over there and eat your shrubbery...

--Diana (aka d.d. dawg -- and not one "d" stands for dinosaur!)


Anonymous said...

I say you GO for it ladies!

Thanks for the visit and comment today at Free Spirit. Ehm, are MOOFs allowed to visit this blog? (smile)

Mary Cunningham said...

MOOFs are always welcome Marvin! Stop back anytime.