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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Say Cheeeeeese!

(Picture taken by adorable waiter...young enough to be our grandson!)

I know we promised NO MORE BIRTHDAY POSTS! But, yesterday was a special day!

WOOFer, Bev Bruemmer (aka Bubbles - on left), took Diana and me out for a belated birthday brunch. Aren't belated gifts great? Your birthday is but a recent memory and Zap! You get another gift! In this case, it was not only the gift of a fabulous meal of spinach omelets, stupendous spuds, biscuits and homemade peach preserves to die for...it was the gift of friendship.

We laughed and talked non-stop. Well, we talked when we weren't shoving food in our mouths and slurping freshly brewed coffee!

To top off the day, we were privileged to attend an author reading at the Carroll County Library by Sandra Novack . She read from the compelling first chapter of her newly-released book (Precious, Random House), then cheerfully answered all questions from the crowd. A delightful experience!

How could you ask for a better day? Friends, laughs, great books and...FOOD!

Got a great friendship story to tell? Let us know and we might publish it on our blog!

Mary Cunningham (Milkbone)

Coming Soon! Red Dress Diary! (Mad Dog's gettin' married! Read from her secret diary as the big day approaches!)


Regan Black said...

Aren't you all looking great!


Mary Cunningham said...

Our smiling faces say it all!

Thanks, Regan.

Diana Black said...

Hey, who wouldn't be happy after THAT brunch!

Oh, yeah, and the wonderful company...

Remember, Diana, people matter more than food. People matter more than food...(burp!)


No Name Me said...

You guys look great!!!!!

Thank you so much, too, for the plug on my book. :)


PS Do you want me to link this, too, on my blog? Gladly will.

Mary Cunningham said...

We're honored to mention you and your great novel, Precious, on WOOF!

We'd love to be linked! Will do the same on WOOF!

Eileen Williams said...

You all look FABULOUS, dahlings!

What fun, what a feast, and what a friendship you share.

My birthday is right on the heels of Christmas, so my celebrations are always belated. I hated this as a kid, but love it now that I'm a WOOFER. The day passes without fanfare (thank goodness!). And, by the time I get around to celebrating, I'm used to the new number so I just relax and enjoy myself. Plus I've already eaten all the Christmas cookies so I have room for pie. What could be better?

Mary Cunningham said...

I love your style, Eileen. My birthday passed without much fanfare and, as a result, I didn't dwell on my "advancing age!" LOL.

Funny how birthdays don't hold the same excitement and wonderment they did when we were kids.

It's better just to celebrate each and every day.