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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chin Up!

I'd like to take a moment to talk about chins.

All of mine.

I'm thinking about designing a new type of turtleneck top, kind of like the one Jughead wears.

But then with nature's internal furnace raging from time to time, I fear I'll strangle myself trying to disrobe.

So I've decided to always look skywards -- never down as pictured here which tends to spiral one into depression.

Yes. Chin Up. That's the answer. (Note: Keep stray nose hairs trimmed or it opens the door for a whole other malady!)

Okay, WOOFers, are you with me? One. Two. Three. Chin Up!

d.d. dawg (Diana)

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Regan Black said...

I'm with you! And I'm not even in the club yet. =)


Mary Cunningham said...

As a Diamond card-carrying Member of the wobbly-chin club, I can so relate.

Not sure there's a tutleneck out there to cover my chicken neck!


Diana Black said...

Regan, I cannot imagine you EVER having that problem!

And, Mary, well, I was kind today and didn't post your picture from yesterday's taping.

Oh, good grief. I'm looking down at my computer screen. This is going to take a whole new office remodeling!

d.d. "chin up" dawg

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh because I've become very self-conscious about this lately. I think it comes from being in a critique group where nearly every person is years younger than I am. Anyway, I've also found it helpful to pose ever so coquettishly with your hand just caressing your chin. Gently though, or you'll end up exaggerating droopy jowls. :-)

Mary Cunningham said...

Oh, I like the subtle "hand caressing the chin" idea. Gotta remember that, Linda!

Thanks for the tip!!

Gayle Carline said...

I've been holding my head up in an attempt to make the extra chins disappear for quite awhile. Every year, I have to tilt it a little bit more. It works, but now my head is bent so far back, I have to walk backward to see where I'm going.

I'd wear a turtleneck, if it wasn't for the hot flashes...

Gayle Carline (aka GeeCarl)

Mary Cunningham said...

I'd only be okay holding my head back far enough to make my chin(s) disappear if I don't walk in the rain. Not fond of drowning.


Diana Black said...

Yes, and we all must watch out for low flying birdies who "deposit" mid-flight over our up-titled heads!


So glad to know I'm not alone and that the world over women are encouraging each other to "Chin up!"


Katrina said...

Turtlenecks, chins up and hand caressing the neck thing have been
my mode of operation since turning 50 years ago. I'm with you there Ladies.
The bad thing is when you
have children late in life. First you deal with being the older MOM or worse yet mistaken for Grandma. Then you move in to the phase where I am. My middle son is getting married next month and I can't find a turtleneck evening dress in the "mother of the groom" section. I mean-- Yikes--how can they possible expect me to wear that strapless thing? What's left of my boobs certainly won't peek up above the dress and the double chin, wrinkles on the neck and aging skin is not exactly what I want to put on display. So what
do you do? Maybe I could go as
one of those mysterious shawl wrapped gypsy women? Then again--probably not!

Mary Cunningham said...

The nice thing about WOOFers is that we're all in the same boat!

I not only need the turtle neck, I must have sleeves! My arm flab tends to flap in the slightest breeze.

Sorry for your "mother-of-the-groom dilemma, Katrina, but can honestly say, glad it's not me!

Does anyone have suggestions for Katrina?

Diana Black said...

Oooh, ooh, me! Pick me!

Katrina, how about a lovely necklace (Candice Bergen has used stunning neckpieces to draw attention from that area for years! And successfully, I might add). And then if the arms are causing you some issues, they have beautiful wraps that go along way to help hide "flappers."

Whatever you decide, I know you'll look WOOFer Wonderful and will be radiant with the glow of joy.

d.d. dawg (Diana)

Pop Art Diva! said...

Diana - My motto - lie flat on your back so everything sags away from your face not down towards your feet, lol!

And thanks for your comments and joining the SATURDAY SOAPBOX meme for Boomer Power!

I appreciated your comments on the inaugural post: Are We Wasting the Resources of our Elders? and look forward to your insights and contributions!

PopArtDiva™, crusading for Power to the Boomers!

Prill Boyle said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so with you! I'm 54 and thought I was looking pretty good in the chin/neck department until one night when I was leaning over my husband and he remarked, "Your neck looks like a chicken's." He swears he never uttered such a thing, but, believe me, he did. :-)

Diana Black said...

Prill, don't you love husbands sometimes? They just have a way with words...I'll be hinting for a compliment like "You're the most beautiful woman at this party" and instead get, when I ask if I look alright, "You look fine."

Fine. Who wants to hear fine?!?! Or chicken neck?!?!

But you gotta love 'em. They try, bless their hearts.

Thanks for stopping by!


Mary Cunningham said...

And he lived to tell about it, Prill!!

You hae my admiration for your self-restraint!