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Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Mother's Day ... in February?

I'm not a day over 38 so how come my daughter turned 39 today?

What’s up with THAT?

Hmm? Check DOB on my driver’s license and/or passport, you say? Okay, back in a min…


So my daughter is NOT one year older than me? And it really was a Monday morning 39 years ago that I stood in a puddle of “water” applying eyeliner while father-to-be fired up the used Olds outside our mobile home to whisk us off to the Naval Air Station hospital in Jacksonville, FL?

All kidding aside, I couldn’t be happier to be right here, right now, witnessing how she’s blossomed into a beautiful and amazing young woman, daughter, wife & mother.

Happy Birthday, Jenn!

Yeah, I’m already planning how we’ll celebrate her big 4-0!

(Oh, good lord, in only 11 years SHE’LL be a Woman Only Over Fifty, too!... Just like the day she was born, breathe…breathe… )

Diana aka d.d. dawg


Mary Cunningham said...

Love the pics! Happy Birthday, Jenn!

Diana Black said...

Oh, to be 39 again...WOOF!


Regan Black said...

Hey, I think I had that same vest as a youngster!

Happy Birthday Jenn!


Fairy Lady said...

I know all too well how you feel. My "baby" just turned 40. My baby! I didn't think I would ever echo my mother's words when she used to say "Where did the years go?" On the bright side, isn't it wonderful to see them grow and blossom?

Bobbie Hinman

Diana Black said...

Thanks for the comment, Bobbie. You understand! I figure I'm getting myself prepared so that when Jenn hits 40, I can concentrate on helping her over that threshold.

And Regan, how funny that you had the same vest!

Thanks, ladies, for your thoughts, comments and good wishes. I know Jenn will appreciate them all!


Mary Welk said...

I too know how you feel, Diana. My oldest son turned 40 in December. Where did the years go?? I still remember all those 3 a.m. feedings, the colic and the spitting up and the thousands of diapers I changed, the time he...

Wait a minute.

You know what? I'm REALLY glad he's 40 and all that is long behind me! Another example of strawberry preserves. :)

Diana Black said...

Yes, perfect, Mary! Making strawberry preserves out of all the sticky events life brings our way...I used to tell all my friends I didn't want to hear when their children turned 40. Just don't tell me, I'd demand, hands over ears.

But I've settled into a time in life when I'm doing some fun things, and appreciating the time to do them, the freedom.

"WOOFerdom" is about that, don't you think? Acceptance of the fact we all get a little older each day, and that's a good thing.

Thanks for stopping by, and please pass the preserves...