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Monday, February 22, 2010

WOOFer Revolution: Best Friends

February is the month of love... Last week we addressed love of chocolate. Before that, well, who cares. Chocolate surpasses all other loves...

Okay, not really. So, as February comes to a close we're looking at love between best friends. Cause really, at the end of the day, week, month, year...lifetime, we are most grateful for our family and friends. And for some of us, our best friend may either be a family member or sure seem like it.

Milkbone & d.d.dawg have been best friends for close to 50 years. They are also best friends with their spouses. But hey, there are still some things you can only share with a best girlfriend!!

In fact, what are some topics YOU might only share with your bestest girfriend?
No, you don't have to share details (unless of course you WANT to!!), but just leave a comment on which aspects of your life that just would not be the same without your best female friend. Mention her name, pass along the blog post to her...so we can all "feel the love!"

(When we were writing Women Only Over Fifty, we actually had to edit some of our most favorite best friend stories! -- Milkbone & d.d.dawg)

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Judi said...

I am blessed. I have *three* best friends who have been in my life close to 50 years. One has lived in Israel for over 25 years; one has just relocated to Arkansas from Southern California and the other lives just miles from me here in the Sierra Nevada foothills south of Yosemite. I have blogged about each of them at Beauty and Bread: Views from John Muir's Range of Light: http://beautybreadsierra.com/?p=17 (Jenny) http://beautybreadsierra.com/?p=19 (Betty) and http://beautybreadsierra.com/?p=23 (Pat).

How could one woman be so lucky?

Mary Cunningham said...

You're so lucky, Judi to have three best friends, and it sounds like the fact that you're hundreds of miles apart doesn't slow you down. Thanks for your comment!

I'm checking out your blog post right now.

Author T.L. Gray said...

My best friend would have to be my god, husband and my pastor. Other than that, I can't seem to find that special 'girlfriend' to hang with. Most women I know (ages 18-80) are at different places in their lives and I just don't fit in; we're all too busy. I spend huge amounts of my time, alone. However, I'm never really alone, not with my imagination - I'm always on one wild adventure or another.

Diana Black said...

Judi, you're really one lucky gal having three best friends! And TL, when I was a young pup like you, I was very fortunate to have Mary as a best bud. I will say, though, that our friendship has matured along with us. So don't give up finding that female who "gets you" like no one else. And anyway, sounds like you're alread surrounded by some pretty good friends!


Mary Cunningham said...

And, don't dismiss the notion of having a best male friend, TL. I enjoy sitting around with a group of guys talking sports!

Diana said it, don't give up finding common ground with a true friend.