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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WOOF: 50 Women Over 50 - Betty White

The list is endless. Women Only Over Fifty (WOOFers) who lead vibrant, meaningful lives and just seem to get younger every day.

Since we can't cover everyone, WOOF decided to start with 50 and each week pay tribute to one of them.

We hope you'll join us here every Wednesday for inspiration (or out of curiosity since it’s not just for felines anymore!) when we peek into the life and accomplishments of a
sister on the frisky side of fifty!

There's no special reason 88-year-old Betty White is first on the list. She's just foremost on our minds because the other night the actress and avid supporter of animal rights accepted the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award. (Plus if you've seen White's most recent movie "The Proposal," you know she stole that show!)

We won't try to repeat here the lines she delivered with perfect timing in her acceptance speech. Maybe it's on YouTube somewhere. But what we will say is this, she is one of those women for whom dimples were not wasted. As far as we can tell, she uses them 24/7.

That's not to say White hasn't had her share of heartache and disappointments. Personally, she lost the love of her life Allen Ludden in the early 80s. Professionally she had four (count them...4) self-titled shows that flopped. But her successes greatly outweigh her failures. And we're not sure she would view anything as a failure...just the road to something better.

So, here's a big ole tail wag to you, Ms White. Thank you for making us smile all these years and for your devotion to the love and care of animals.


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Eileen Williams said...

I LOVE this idea and you couldn't have picked a better representative than Betty White to show us that life can be grand after fifty--and even grander way after fifty. And, for those of us who are well past fifty ourselves, we remember her in the fifties. Who can forget "Life With Elizabeth" and the antics she was pulling even back then. Yes, this woman has brought countless smiles, laughter, and moments of inspiration to her devoted fans lo these many years. Kudos to you for bringing her to our attention and helping us celebrate this truly amazing Grande Dam!

Diana Black said...

Oh, Eileen, you always leave such awesome comments!

It's about this sisterhood, isn't it, like you over there at Feisty Side of Fifty. Women inspiring each other.

When we think about the life expectancy a mere 100 years ago, it's no wonder those of us over 50 are looking to each other for support. 50 was OLD back then (and near the end of life). Now some of us are just getting started at midlife.

Come back next week to see who we celebrate!