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Friday, February 19, 2010

Land The Job You Love - Mary Eileen Williams

We're so happy to welcome one of our all-time favorite WOOFers, Mary Eileen Williams. Welcome to the WOOFers Club Blog, Eileen!

Aside from writing your blog and hosting your radio show, Feisty Side of Fifty, you’ve just written a book for jobseekers over 50. What led you to do this?

I feel so many people have been discouraged by the news—especially older jobseekers. I’ve been a job search specialist for twenty years and wanted to help. So I decided to write a book and disclose several insider tips and techniques that make a huge difference in getting a job.

Hopefully, Land the Job You Love: 10 Surefire Strategies for Jobseekers Over 50 will save people time, money, and lots of frustration.

What’s the #1 factor holding older applicants back?

We buy into the idea that, because we’re older, we’re no longer valuable or desirable in the workforce. Nothing could be further from the truth! We’ve got great experience, highly developed skills, a mature work ethic, and a substantial network of coworkers, clients, and customers. Besides that, a huge percentage of the workforce is over fifty and our ranks are rapidly growing. There’s absolutely no reason we should feel at a disadvantage because of our age.

What are some tips that will help older applicants?

• Market your skills—substantiate them with examples of you performing your work at its best.

• Use your network to your advantage. There are relatively easy ways to network your way into your targeted companies and get yourself in front of key decision makers.

• Present yourself well on paper: often a resume will be the first impression of you. There is a particular style that works best for older applicants in the book. Highlight your accomplishments in such a way they are readily apparent within a 30-second scan—that’s about how long most reviewers spend deciding whether or not they’ll read your resume.

• Know the interview process. Practice frequently asked questions and how to best respond to behavioral style questions. Create your own list of questions to ascertain the needs of the interviewer and the company. Prepare, prepare, prepare—this is showtime!

• Anticipate success: learn the best ways to market yourself and you’ll land a job you will love!

Mary Eileen Williams, M.A., NCC has twenty years’ combined experience as a job search specialist, career/life transition counselor, university instructor, and writer. She also has a popular blog and radio show called, Feisty Side of Fifty.

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Mary Cunningham said...

So pleased to have you here, Eileen, and considering the current job market, your book is very timely.

Feel free to ask Eileen questions. She'll be monitoring the blog today.

Eileen Williams said...

To my dear WOOFer friends--

How incredibly kind and supportive of you to highlight my book and my work on your amazing site! I've been a HUGE fan of yours for years and this is an honor that truly warms my heart!

The best part of the world wide web for me is the fact that it's become a WOOFers web of friendship and support. Thank you both so much for your encouragement and friendship-you've created a very special experience for me and one I will treasure!

And, yes, if any of you have job search questions, I'll be more than happy to respond.

Camille Olivia ~ said...

This is wonderful news! Thanks to the folks at WOOF for spreading the word about Ms. Williams' book. Bravo to all of you!!

Debbie Zipp said...

I'm so excited to hear that Mary Eileen has written another book. She is very talented writer and talented in so many other ways. She deserves it to be a tremendous success and I'm sure it will be.
Debbie Zipp

Pop Art Diva said...

WOOF could not have welcomed a better person to their fold! Eileen is as Feisty as her website, as fun as her t-shirts and a great friend and collaborator!

Diana Black said...

The whole world loves, Eileen! And deservedly so. You do so much to encourage us all...

Now, with your background, your career, and the slow economy, writing this book could not have come at a better time.

Big ole tail wag, Ms Williams, for another job well done!

Love ya, gurl...uh, I mean WOOFER!


Eileen Williams said...

My gratitude to each of you for your fantastic comments and lovely show of support! No one could ask for better friends and I truly realize how fortunate I am to have you all in my life!
Thanks for the encouragement and well wishes and, yes Diana, my ole tail is wagging like crazy!!!!

Beverly Mahone said...

Nice write-up Mary! Eileen's book is a must read for everyone 50 plus who is looking for a new job or a complete career change. It's nice to have something handy like this to guide job seekers through the process.

Supergranny said...

Eileen is the best and I must confess a 'sin'...I bought her book for my 40ish daughter that is looking for a new opportunity. There...I feel better...

Mary Cunningham said...

Eileen deserves the credit, Beverly! Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing all the best to your daughter, Supergranny.

Thanks, everyone who read about Eileen's wonderful book!