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Friday, February 12, 2010

My Valentine

I used to think that Valentine’s Day was just for lovers. But now that I am over fifty, I understand that Valentine’s Day is about love—any kind of love.

This will be my first Valentine’s Day with my husband, so that will be wonderful. I will probably get him a mushy card and he will bring me flowers, and maybe even some chocolate worthy of a WOOFer!

But this Valentine’s Day will be even more special because of all the new relationships I have in my life now. My marriage to Tom gave me four step children and eight grandchildren. I have discovered that love comes in all sizes. It is amazing how much love you get and want to give to children.

I got to see seven of the grandchildren a month ago and it was great to embrace those kids. Austin, who is nine, sat next to me on the couch, held my arm and told me about his new school. The seven-year-old twins loved showing off for me, while two and a half year old Mia thought it was great to help her “Mimi” with my makeup. Kaden decided that Mimi was his safe place and would run to me when that little toddler got into trouble. Amy—who is just younger than Kaden—only wanted to avoid Kaden! And little Grissom, who was born January 6th, was quite the snuggler.

So I guess you could say I am very lucky this Valentine’s Day. I have my new number one Valentine and got eight little ones in the deal!


Eileen Williams said...

You are so right--love does come in all sizes. I'm celebrating a very happy Valentine's Day myself because my stepdaughter is pregnant and I'll get to be a granny, too!
The photo of you and the baby shows the love you share and your wonderful post brought home the true meaning of the holiday. Enjoy those eight little treasures and have a most wonderful celebration with your hubby as befitting the newlyweds that you are. And, don't forget to savor one of the best parts of the holiday--lots and lots of chocolate!

WOOFers said...

You are so very right Eileen. And congratulations on the grandchild! We are lucky. And I agree with you about the chocolate. No better way to celebrate the day!