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Monday, February 15, 2010

WOOFers Revolution - Chocolate! 'Nuff Said!

It's Valentine's week and WOOFers are talking chocolate! We luvs chocolate!!

"...an explosion of cocoa science that has the potential to change the lives of people in terms of their health."

"...flavanols have the potential to inhibit biochemical pathways that can cause inflammation, which is a process that can contribute to cardiovascular disease and other health issues."

Flavanols, Schmavanols! Who cares? And, like we say in Chapter Two: Chocolate. Dispelling the Myth in "WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty," smart WOOFers know that chocolate, especially the dark kind, improves our moods and gives us reasons to woof down dinner to get to dessert...a creamy Dove Chocolate or Hershey's Extra Dark. What the hey? Gimme a full-size bar!

Now, before you go jumping on us about ignoring our health, we WOOFers are thrilled knowing these small bites of heaven really do have medicinal benefits. But I can tell you right here...right now, that the only biochemical pathways this WOOFer cares about are the ones from my hand to my mouth.

Unfortunately, chowing down on a five-pound box of truffles usually coincides with expanding waistline. Guess that's why I only bake 2 chocolate cakes a year...for birthdays. There's just the two of us. Still, a full-size layer cake disappears in less 3 days. Not good.

So, what's your favorite chocolate indulgence? Do you eat chocolate for pure satisfaction, or for medicinal purposes? (Yeah, right!)

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Chris Eldin said...

I like eating chocolate after I punish the Things for doing something wrong.

It does put me in a good mood. You were right about that.

Then after I eat some chocolate I try to look for reasons to keep the Things in timeout. Usually it's not too hard.

I try to eat all the chocolate so I don't have to share.

Thing2 found my stash in the car a few weeks ago. I had to punish himm for snooping.

Now I need a new stash.

I hope I can one day be a WOOFer and eat some of that delicious-sounding layer cake.


Mary Cunningham said...

Hey, any excuse to eat chocolate, Chris, works for us!