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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Red Dress Diary: No. 13 -- Young At Heart

Mad Dog's gettin' married! Every Friday we're reading from her "secret" diary as the big day approaches! Shhh... Entry 13:

Young At Heart

It is almost time for me to walk down the aisle in my red dress! (Yikes! I have so much left to do!) As I prepare for this marriage, I have been thinking about our relationship and what is really important to Tom and me.

One of the things that drew us to each other was optimism. We both try to look at life with youthful enthusiasm. Many older men I dated seemed to be constantly griping about the half empty glass. And Tom said he encountered a lot of negative older women.

Life is too short for that kind of thinking. We just want to be happy and have fun! So we have vowed--before we take those most important vows--to try to always remain young at heart.

Melinda (Mad Dog)

Have ideas to help them stay young at heart?

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Eileen Williams said...

Yay for us who may be over fifty but aren't yet over the hill! There is nothing more depressing than griping, grumbling seniors who always look on the dark side of things.
May your glass always be full and the same goes for your hearts as you embark on this wonderful time of your life together.

WOOFers said...

Thank you so much Eileen! Yes, we must always try and remember our blessings and be happy every day. I don't want to be that grouchy old lady!

Diana Black said...

Wishing you and Tom all the happiness you both deserve! Please, email pictures as soon as you can so we can post them here!


Mary Cunningham said...

Yes, can't wait to see pictures!!



WOOFers said...

Diana and Mary--Thank you for your wonderful support and friendship always! I will make sure I send photos of the wedding. Just a few more days until June 14th! I love you guys.