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Monday, June 8, 2009

Linda Rogers Returns!

A special message from Linda Rogers:

I am a little old lady with morning glory and buttercups that challenge my free spirit. "I am for life, but not yours," I say, ruthless bitch that I am. Out with you. It's the same with writing. Some things are keepers and some are not. I have heard songrwriters say they keep one in a thousand. Holy cow. How do you know, you ask? That's a good question.

When a weed slips out of the dirt, you can say, "I got it all!" Some poems feel that way. They come in a piece, as a gift. Others just feel all raggedy and are not worth working on, even though one line might be salvagable for another day. Friends can be like that too, I've noticed. Some just don't fit right.

I am at the age of selectivity. I want good friends and good times. No point running after the elusive whatevers now. There are too many rabbit holes out there, and who needs a sprained ankle?

There is lots to do. Today, I revised fiction.Tonight I am going to write a jingle for my friend Dave Hepburn who hosts the Wisequacks medical advice show. Dave has generously backed our new album of original songs. It has to be funny because Dave is funny. That is as big a challenge as writing a poem for the next royal visit. Every bit of writing is important. Tomorrow I am going to "Rick and Linda Appreciation Day." Our granddaughter Sophie and her BFF Kamille are making our lunch and putting on a show for us. I know they have written a song. I hope it is as funny as the moment we nearly went off the road last week after our counter-culture ( heavy metal) grandson announced he was thinking of playing Romeo opposite a Juliet with a moustache.

Everything has to be funny. Otherwise it is tragic. -- Linda Rogers

Author/poet/performer/ songwriter/journalist/editor Linda Rogers lives in Victoria, B.C., Canada, and is the author of numerous novels, children's books, books of poetry, songs...well, the list goes on and on. Please follow this link to find out more about Rogers' amazing work not only expressing herself creatively, but her committed efforts to empower children around the world.

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Rondell Jenkins said...

Ooooh this girl fierce as hell! Check this poem out I write about her:

Bitch goddess mother earth.
Unleash those rampant headwaters
Underlying years of neglectation.
Mama's back in town!

From the mother's teet
Salvation shall flow.
Open up your arms and
Let me wash over you.