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Monday, June 22, 2009

Princeton Lakes WOOFers Rock!

Diana and I (row 1- left) were recent guests of the Princeton Lakes (Marietta, GA) Book Club and, trust me, this isn't our mother's book club! These ladies rock!

Long-time member, Linda, contacted me about the book club and asked if we'd like to talk about WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty. Talk about our book? Are you kidding? Diana and I were thrilled to be asked!

The club had already purchased some books and were raring to go with questions, comments and opinions...after wine and delicious hors d'Ĺ“uvres, that is, thanks to host, Pat!

One of the first questions was if we had a favorite story/poem in the book. While I had to stop and think, several members chimed in with their favorites. One thing is clear from the response, there is something for everyone in the book because no single winner emerged.

And, to prove the influence of the Princeton Lakes Book Club, we were presented with copies of John DeDakis's novel, Fast Track in which they are given "special thanks" in the acknowledgements!

Thanks, again, Princeton Lakes Book Club!

To join in the fun, Buy your copy of WOOF!

Or, Buy or order from your favorite independent bookstore. One of ours happens to be, Horton's Books & Gifts!


Eileen Williams said...

Sounds like a wonderful WOOFer event and one I would have loved to attend. I think you're right, as an avid fan of WOOF, there's something special in the book for every woman over fifty. Although we each have our unique take on aging, there's a lot we share in common. And, with WOOF, you get to share these experiences with sass and humor.. just the way I like them.
So, here's to many more rockin' WOOF events and, when you come to the SF Bay Area, I know scores of us WOOFERs who'll want to meet you! Bow-WOW!!!

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Eileen. Saaaay, would you be our publicist?!? I love how you've embraced the whole "WOOFer" mentality.

Diana and I are both set up with Skype and are in the process of setting up video book clubs. So, maybe we could work out an event long-distance!

Thanks for your rockin' comments.