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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Calling All WOOFers: Cartoon Caption Needed!

Grimmy and his bud are such dogs!
(No, they're not WOOFers, but they're so F-U-N-N-Y!)

On any given day, I love Mike Peters' humor (especially Mother Goose & Grimm.)

In checking out his website , I discovered a new & cool thing he's doing. He creates cartoon drawings with blank talk/thought bubbles where readers submit their ideas to "fill in the blank."

So...here's the deal. On the WOOFers Club blog, once a week (or so), with the help of Milkbone & Mad Dog, I'll post a picture or a WOOFie Sue single-frame cartoon with a blank talk/thought bubble.
YOU supply the caption.

How's this for a starter?

Leave your "fill in the blank" suggestion as a comment.

** Check back Friday to view the "winning" idea! **
Nothing hitting you right now?
It will. Then come back and comment on your idea!

Or...VOTE! Leave a comment with your #1 pick of all the ideas!
Good luck and have fun with it!

Diana (aka d.d. dawg)


Laura said...

I can't be over 50. I can't be over 50. I can't be over 50...

Diana Black said...


Good one, Laura!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't I put my chiropractor on speed dial?

Carol P. said...

Do you think I'd get more money if I put out a tin cup instead of my Jimmy Choo shoe?

Diana Black said...

Oh, these are goooood!!!

Zan Marie Steadham said...

Did I really think this through?

Anonymous said...

Breathe...I want a piece of chocolate...Breathe... Dark, smooth chocolate ... Breathe... Okay, I want half a bag of chocolate...