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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WOOF: 50 Women Over 50: Jane Goodall

The list is endless. Women Only Over Fifty (WOOFers) who lead vibrant, meaningful lives and just seem to get younger every day.

In 1960 Jane Goodall traveled from England to Tanzania, entering the world of wild chimpanzees. She was only 23 and the world she explored was vastly unknown. It is said she was "armed" with little more than "a notebook and pair of binoculars."

Perhaps she was equipped with something more important: optimism.

"Tarzan" and "Dr. Doolittle" her favorite books as a child, and a mother who encouraged her that she could do anything she set her mind to, Goodall chose not to take the easy road. Faith in herself and a hopeful spirit have brought her far and allowed her to make a difference ... the world over.

She carries that optimism with her today.

"It is easy to be overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness as we look around the world. We are losing species at a terrible rate, the balance of nature is disturbed, and we are destroying our beautiful planet. We have fear about water supplies, where future energy will come from – and most recently the developed world has been mired in an economic crisis. But in spite of all this I do have hope. And my hope is based on four factors."

To read more on Goodall's reasons for hope, click here.

WOOF gives four paws up to Ms Goodall for her tireless, lifetime efforts to promote conservation and species living together in harmony.

Jane Goodall: British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messengers of Peace. Known for her 45-year study of chimpanzee social and family interactions.


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