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Monday, March 8, 2010

"Hey, Boo" - An Evening With Scout!

How could a Friday evening be any better? Our favorite movie. Our favorite movie character. Our favorite two words uttered in any movie! "Hey, Boo."

The National Endowment for the Arts: The Big Read came to the University of West Georgia, and what better read than "To Kill A Mockingbird?" We attended a reception Friday night that included lemon squares, chocolate brownies, cookies, sweet tea, and a giant-screen showing of "To Kill A Mockingbird." Oh, and we got to meet Mary Badham who played Scout.

We thought that might get your attention. WOOFers, Diana and Mary really got to meet and talk to SCOUT!

It was one of those Bucket List moments.

Since beginning of time...okay, since the first time we both saw the movie, it's been our favorite and Scout, our favorite character. Mary, having grown up a tomboy, and Diana's childhood pictures bearing an uncanny resemblance to Scout, might play a small part in their devotion. But, more of the credit has to go to Harper Lee, for writing this magnificent book, Robert Mulligan for his artful and sensitive direction, and to Horton Foote for writing an amazing screen play that stayed true to the book.

Mary Badham introduced the movie and gave a little insight into her co-stars. After "retiring" at the ripe old age of fourteen, she never lost touch with the actors. When her father died shortly after her marriage, Gregory Peck (Atticus Finch) and Brock Peters (Tom Robinson) took over "dad duties," and were always there when she needed them. She's also remained very close with her movie brother, Philip Alford (Jem). Read more.

After the crowd's reaction to the 50-year old movie and meeting a young mother with her month-old baby girl Scout, we got to thinking. Could it be there are OTHER people who connect to the movie, Scout and/or the book just as deeply as us? On the off chance :>) there might be a WOOFer or two out there who relate, we'd love to hear your comments!
Who is your favorite character? What is your favorite scene?
Which arm would you cut off to meet Harper Lee?!?!?!
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Marian Allen said...

Favorite character--has to be Scout!

Favorite scene--"Hey, Boo" runs a close second to Scout talking down the lynching party.

I wouldn't want to meet Harper Lee. I'd be too nervous!

Thanks for this post!

The Stiletto Gang said...

I am sooo envious! I just watched the movie again this weekend! My favorite part has always been the narration of the movie. Does that count? Even as a child I thought the "voice over" was so compelling. When "Scout" talks about what Boo Radley gave them - the two soap dolls, the broken watch, the pocket knife, and their lives - I always tear up.

My second favorite scene is when the watchers in the balcony stand when Aticus starts to leave the courthouse after the trial ends. The pastor tells Scout to stand up, "your father is passing by."

I always wondered what other movies Mary Badham might have been in. She was so perfect in that role. Her facial expression and voice when her young school friend poured syrup over his roast beef and potatoes was so real!

Great topic for a blog!

Oh ... and there was that line where she tells Boo that he can "pet" Jim. That was a wonderful scene. And then the scene where the rabid dog was ... well I can go on and on.

aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

Diana Black said...

Marian, I also love that scene...Mary Badham said that was the last one they filmed.

And Rhonda, the scene you mentioned, in the courthouse balcony, always gives me God bumps. Reading your comment did too!

Aside from the fact it is an amazing movie and she gave an incredible performance, I realized after meeting "Scout" that from the first time, years and years ago, that I saw Mary Badham play that character, her tomboy clothes and short hair, it gave me permission to accept myself when I was that age. I wasn't all cute with curly hair, fancy dresses and ruffles on my socks. The Scout in the movie was me, and because I loved HER so much, I could love the fact I had not been a typical pretty little girl as had been most of my classmates.

Don't think we ever outgrow some of those feelings. And regardless of our age need reminding to accept ourselves for who we are. Easier sometimes to accept someone like Boo than our own tender mockingbird hearts.