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Friday, March 19, 2010

Not So Hot Fans For Smokin' Hot WOOFers!

d.d. dawg & Milkbone use their Not So Hot Fans!

WOOF: Welcome to the WOOFers Club Blog. Please tell us a little about you and Not So Hot Fans! Are you WOOFers (Women Only Over Fifty)?

NSHF: We certainly are. As a matter of fact the reason we developed Not So Hot Fans is because we were both suffering from hot flashes, one of our shared symptoms of menopause. Mine ( Susan) began when I was 51, Linda’s much earlier. Linda and I are sisters, two years apart, and we have been very close all our lives . I am a nursery school teacher and my sister is a sales person in the city.

Linda has a son and we both live here on Long Island. We are very connected to our family. Our brother lives here on LI and our mother still lives in the house where we grew up. We still celebrate every birthday, holiday and life cycle event together.

WOOF: How wonderful that you two have remained so close. Will you tell our readers a little about your product? We're impressed with the little storage pouch!

NSHF: Not So Hot flash fans are incredibly efficient, nylon fans, that fold up, small enough to fit into a back pocket or evening bag. They are embellished with fashionable trims, and fold up to store in a flat, circular 3 inch nylon bag. Our intention was to create a new fashion accessory for women who need to cool off in a flash. Something they could carry discretely, use whenever they needed and have available at all times. Electric fans and other type folding fans take up too much room.

WOOF: So, what made you decide to jump into the business?

NSHF: It was New Year’s Day of 2009, I had my annual New Year’s Day open house party with about 70 guests. As always, my sister Linda and I were working side by side. As we were running around I had a hot flash, pulled my fan out of my back pocket, and began fanning myself. I waved it past Linda once or twice and she said, “wow that is a terrific fan, where did you get it? I want one.”

I said, “Yeah isn’t it great? Everyone who has hot flashes should have one.”

Linda designed trims for us and we made some samples. We customized an attractive convenient bag for it. The name of the company is a play on words from a silly conversation Linda and I had. We said that not so hot was not cool at all , and cool was good. But, that is no longer the case, because although we always want to be “cool” and “hot” now we also want to be “not so hot” too. We laughed so hard. We realized we had a great idea, a great product and a large market with a need for our product.

WOOF: I heard that you're also dog lovers. Please fill us in on your canine friends.

NSHF: Linda and I grew up with two black Labs, Ohmee and Ohmei, who made Marley look like a dream. You couldn’t leave your purse at their nose level because they loved leather so much they would start nibbling it. There was one time they ate my new boots and left only a zipper and the man made soles! They were known to break into the closet and eat canned goods by perforating the cans with their teeth and squeezing out the food. We had to have a lock on the refrigerator because Ohmee knew how to open it. My parents replaced the kitchen cabinets twice and the floor ( which they chewed) three times. The girls lived to a ripe old age of 14! My mother has the patience of a saint.

My first dog, as a married woman was Brandy, a golden retriever I adopted from North Shore Animal League. He was doll. He was so wonderful with people we applied for a pet therapy certificate. We went to Sun Harbor a senior citizen facility, and Long Island Alzheimer center for many years visiting residents. When Brandy got old, my father built a ramp for him to get into the car, because you couldn’t stop him from trying to get into the car to go to work! After he passed away I adopted Houston- the happiest dog in the world with a tongue to match, and Hunter a very sweet but shy boy.

WOOF: I'm sure everyone who reads about these great fans will want to know how they can purchase one. I know Diana and I love ours!

NSHF: Readers can visit us at our website: Not So Hot
or visit us at our Facebook page.

They can purchase fans on our site through pay pal or can print an order form and mail a check to our post office box . Our address is:

Not So Hot,
PO Box 563
Merrick, NY 11566
Linda, Cousin Jane & Susan

We sell both retail and wholesale accounts. Our fans make great gifts and
GREAT party favors!! We can also be reached via email at:
sales at not-so-hot dot com

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Morgan Mandel said...

Very clever idea. I've already hit the second plateau now, with menopause behind me. I don't get many hot flashes any more, thank goodness.

Morgan Mandel

Mary Cunningham said...

Yeah, me too, Morgan. But, aren't the fans adorable?!? And the best thing is, they fold up into that little pouch Diana is holding!

Anonymous said...

I think these fans are so unique and lovely to hold. I waited for years and tried several different ideas to cool off during a hot flash...especially in front of my clients!! This was the answer!!!So this gorgeous little fan would come out and solve the problem. Everyone now in London wants one as a fashion item and a gift...for all of us in our prime....like fine wine.


Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Gerry. I know that Diana and I love ours! Glad to hear your friends want them, too! WOOF is hoping to get the word out.