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Monday, April 20, 2009

Feisty Side of Fifty Interview!

Showing Attitude! (Eileen is in the middle)

Diana (d.d. dawg) and Mary (Milkbone) had the privilege of being interviewed on Blog Talk Radio by Eileen Williams of Feisty Side of Fifty Fame.

Except for a couple of "wardrobe malfunctions" (While answering one of Eileen's questions, a bird mistook Mary's office window for open air space, and a few minutes later, Diana's other phone line rang off the hook while she was talking), the interview was fun and, well...Feisty!

Kudos to WOOFer Eileen for the way she has built her dream into a major site for Boomer women. In addition to Mary & Diana, she has also interviewed Suzanne Braun Levine, the first editor of Ms. Magazine, and (don't tell anyone) we have it from a reliable source that best-selling author (and WOOFer) Mary Higgins Clark will soon be a guest!

We just hope Ms. Clark can hold up to the pressure of following Diana and Mary's fabulous interview!

Feisty Side of Fifty!


Eileen Williams said...

My thanks to Mary and Diana, leaders of the much celebrated WOOFer pack! No bones about it--I'm howling with joy over our interview!

You're both fun and lively on air as well as on the page. WOOF is a super read and a joy for any woman over fifty!

Diana Black said...

Eileen...You are a master of the spoken & written word! Love your "dogisms"!!

Thanks again, wise & witty WOOFer...