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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Red Dress Diary: Entry Five

Mad Dog's gettin' married! Every Friday we're reading from her "secret" diary as the big day approaches! Shhh... Here's entry 5, with a bonus picture! (yeah, now we know what Tom looks like!):

Entry Five: "Blithe Spirit" Tom and I went to see Noel Coward's play recently. It was particularly meaningful, since it is about a writer whose dead first wife is conjured up by a medium. The ghost "moves in" and begins to compete with the second wife for the husband's affections. As funny as it was, it also made me think about having two soul mates in one lifetime.

After spending almost forty years of my life with Sid, I did have some happiness guilt when I fell in love with Tom. But then something occurred to me. Sid was the perfect mate for the nineteen-year-old naive, dependent girl I was when I married him. With luck and hard work, we also managed to weather many changes in our long relationship.

But after Sid died, I was forced to change very drastically. Now I feel that Tom is the perfect mate for the sixty-year-old wiser, stronger and much more independent woman I have become. How lucky is that? Some people only find such deep love once in a lifetime. I am truly blessed to have found the perfect man for me--twice.

--Melinda (Mad Dog)


Morgan Mandel said...

Good for you. You were twice blessed.

Morgan Mandel

Mary Cunningham said...

Wonderful post, Melinda! You are a true inspiration for all women, of all ages.

You should be proud of your resilence and positive attitude.

I know Sid was (and always will be) deep in your heart, but Tom is there for you at the right time.

Whoo-hoo for you!

Regan Black said...

Beautifully said!


WOOFers said...

Thank you Morgan. I am truly blessed!


WOOFers said...


You and Diana have been with me all the way during these events. So I am thrilled to be sharing good news with you after all the sadness. Good friends and love. What else can a WOOFer ask for?

WOOFers said...

Thank you Regan. Life is full of unexpected twists, and some of them--like finding love again--are truly fantastic!


Eileen Williams said...

Yes, you've been blessed with a double serving of deep and true love. How wonderful for you!

And thank you for sharing your diary with the rest of us. My marriage is coming up on thirty-five years. Your thoughts about romance and your upcoming nuptials remind me how precious my own marriage is. Sometimes I can get bogged down in the never ending trail of dirty socks on the floor but, despite any number of minor skirmishes, there is also great love that binds us. It's good to remember!

WOOFers said...


I was married almost 38 years when I lost my husband. That was so wonderful and I truly thought that was "it" for me. So having the opportunity to love again is amazing!


Diana Black said...

Melinda, your relationship with Sid was amazing. I saw and felt firsthand your deep connection. When you lost him, I wasn't sure how you'd go on.

But then we talked only a day or so after his passing and you asked me a very important question. And it was clear that in time you'd be alright.

Didn't know how long, but it would come...

And when you were ready, when you were a woman sure enough of herself to share your life again, the right man came right along.

Whoo-hoo for both of you!!!

Love you, gurl...


WOOFers said...


I was blessed to have Sid, but also blessed to have wonderful friends like you and Mary. I could not have made it to this happy place in my life without you, your constant love and unending support. I love you too!