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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Red Dress Diary: #7 The Bargain Bride

Mad Dog's gettin' married! Every Friday we're reading from her "secret" diary as the big day approaches! Shhh... Here's entry #7:

The Bargain Bride:

I am now being referred to as the bargain bride. I guess that is appropriate since I got my dress for less than twenty dollars at a clearance sale, my shoes were half price and our rings came from Sam's. I think we will go with a Wal-Mart cake and the ceremony will take place at our neighborhood clubhouse.

I already have some tongues wagging about the fact that I am being married in a red dress. But hey, that's okay! I think--no, I know--that I am proud of this "give 'em something else to talk about" new nickname. Why spend a lot of money on a second wedding? Or any wedding for that matter? So I'll gladly show off my borrowed tablecloths and punchbowl, home printed invitations, cheap red dress and new title!

--Melinda (Mad Dog)

What secrets would you like revealed in The Red Dress Diary?
Anything special you'd like Mad Dog to cover ... or "uncover?"


Joanna Jenkins said...

Those are seriously GREAT shoes!!!!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

Mary Cunningham said...

They are, seriously great and RED! Can't wait until you post a pic of the whole ensemble, Melinda!


WOOFers said...

Thanks Mary and Joanna. Now I have to practice walking in them. Haven't worn heels in a long time!! Oh this is getting fun....