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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Red Dress Diary: Entry Six

Mad Dog's gettin' married! Every Friday we're reading from her "secret" diary as the big day approaches! Shhh... Here's entry 6:

Wedding Gifts? My publisher, Karen, recently wished me the best on my upcoming nuptials and mentioned a wedding gift. That brings up another topic and entry for The Red Dress Diary.

An older second marriage not only combines two extended families, it also means facing the challenge of dealing with two sets of "stuff." At this point, most couples over fifty have lots of furniture, possibly two houses, and tons of knick knacks and pictures. Tom and I decided to live in my little house, so just finding room for his clothes seemed to be an issue.

Then we both realized that having too much is not a problem! Our solution has been to take this opportunity to simplify our lives by giving away as much as we can to our families or charity. And as for wedding gifts, we are adding these words to our reception invitation: No gifts, please. Your gift to us will be your presence.

--Melinda (Mad Dog)

For Melinda Musings pre-engagement, check out WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty (Echelon Press)
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Eileen Williams said...

What a great way to start a marriage-- by "cleaning house," literally!!

I can relate. My younger desire to accumulate has turned into my more mature desire of wanting to get rid of the years of "stuff." Life is a circle even down to cleaning house.

Here's to a fresh, new start and a wonderful marriage in an elegantly uncluttered house!

WOOFers said...

Thanks Eileen! Let's just hope we can keep our lives uncluttered!