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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WOOFers: "Accentuate the Pawsitive" Blog Tour!

WOOFers Diana and Mary have been on a blog tour celebrating
the release of "Accentuate The Pawsitive," a guide to
realigning your body, mind and soul.

Thanks to all who left comments during the tour.
These three lucky ladies' names were pick for
a free download of
"Accentuate The Pawsitive!"
If each will email us at
we'll see that you receive your gift!
> Deb A. <
> Robin <
> Jen Forbus <

DEC 24 - Dames of Dialogue Interview - Woofers who Accentuate the Pawsitive

DEC 30 - Dames of Dialogue Interview - WOOFer, Mary answers the Dames Dozen

JAN 4 - Doing It With Grace Blog - Chocolate - 'Nuff Said!

JAN 5 - A Woman's Life In Stages - Downward Facing Dog

JAN 6 - Mysteries & Chitchat - Fashion Fits or Flops

JAN 8 - The Stiletto Gang - Boning Up On Books

JAN 11 - Blog: A Working Writer - Animal Rescue: Mission For Mutts

JAN 12 - Virtual Wordsmith - Myths About Menopaws

Jan 13 - Blog Talk Radio - Mary Eileen Williams, Feisty Side of Fifty

Download Available Soon!
"Accentuate The Pawsitive!"
"Mind spinning? Mood Swinging? Middle sagging? Get used to it!
When you reach 50, shift happens. But, you're not alone.
WOOFers to the rescue!"

Like to laugh? You'll discover more funny women stories,
limericks and poems when you...

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Flory said...

Happy to be a part of the blog tour!

Diana Black said...

Thanks so much, Flory!

Eileen Williams said...

I can't wait until our interview on Feisty Side of Fifty Radio! Accentuating the Pawisitive is even more important in midlife. I figure you can either embrace this time as a period of growth and opportunity or sit around and mourn your lost youth. A pawsitive WOOFer sounds lots better to me!

Diana Black said...

Thanks, Eileen! It's always a pawsitive experience chatting with you!

"See" you Wednesday!


昏睡 said...
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