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Monday, January 25, 2010

WOOFer Revolution: Pawsitive Perspective

Week two of our revolution! This latest topic is a little tricky, don't you think?

A refresher, here's the idea:

What would it take for us to listen to our neighbors, friends and family members with a more pawsitive ear?

Face it. Sometimes it's just HARD! They complain about the same old things. They can be so negative. And, besides that, how come they won the lottery and not us!?

Unfortunately, short of wearing earplugs or removing everyone from our lives, there’s always going to be someone verbally sharing their good and bad “stuff” with us.

So the deal is, the one and only thing we can control is our response.

Let’s say a friend divorced for 20 years mentions again something their ex did during the marriage. First off, we need to put down the pillow we are inches from shoving in their mouth and take a deep breath!!

Then maybe try to listen beyond their words. Either smile and say nothing (and change the subject at first opportunity!) or ask our friend why, after all this time, it's still such an issue.

Of course, WOOFers also know we must honor ourselves, and if a relationship is hazardous to our emotional wellbeing, find the nearest exit!

(When we were writing Women Only Over Fifty, we actually had a lot of fun with this topic and throughout the book posted "Bones to Pick!")

So there! That's all solved! :>) And this is getting to be kind of fun! On to our next revolutionary theme which for the month of February will be:

Love, Love, Love

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