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Monday, January 18, 2010

WOOFer Revolution: Pawsitive Self-Image II

We’re back! Hope your weekend was good and that you feel empowered. You know, since you’ve joined a revolution! A revolution to put a new spin on life! A revolution to accentuate the pawsitive!

You may remember today’s revolutionary topic is:

What would it take for you to look in the mirror
with a more pawsitive eye?

So let's look at ways to create a more pawsitive self-image.
  • Would a gentle makeover help? If so, some of us may be wondering where to start.

    How about asking a trusted WOOFer friend to help us assess our positive points? Do we have long legs? Expressive eyes? Healthy hair? At this point we don’t focus on attributes that we’d rather have erased, cut off or whittled away!

    Stick with what we've got going for us. Take those features and enhance the heck out of them. (WOOF Chapter 8 even has tips about “Putting On The Dog-How to Dress the Mature Mutt!”)

  • Is a more forgiving and accepting self-evaluation in order? Are we unconsciously anticipating we’ll see our 25-year-old self in the reflection?

    Sorry, sisters, that ain’t gonna happen! And it shouldn’t. Over the years, physical changes in appearance is only natural.

    But if we get caught up expecting to look exactly like our younger selves, we’re going to be very disappointed and depressed. And you know what that means! More wrinkles and a sour disposition and big tummy because that’s where stress settles. So, be gentle with expectations and appreciate all we have in our favor.
Okay, now we're getting the hang of this! On to our next revolutionary topic:

What would it take for us to listen to our neighbors, friends and family members with a more pawsitive ear?

Please leave a comment while it's fresh in your mind. Tell all your friends about this blog post! Then stop by next Monday to read our thoughts on this new topic. Review other comments and if you feel motivated (we know you will!), share any new thoughts you have!

Join us here each week for more
Accentuate the Pawsitive
revolutionary topics!


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Janet Muirhead Hill said...

I just heard the funniest song by an 82-year-old musician. I'd love to get hold of the lyrics to "I just don't look good naked anymore."

And though I believe the title of his song is true for me, I appreciate that I still have strong points and some attractive attributes if I just look for them, For the "pawsitive" attitude you speak of, I will dwell on those.

Mary Cunningham said...

Janet, you made my day. I laughed out loud at the title to the song! Most of us can relate to the lyrics! If you find the rest, please post!

We may give up our 30-year-old bodies, but I believe we gain so much more with age. Thanks for your comments!!

Diana Black said...

Janet, love your comment! I'm with Mary, when you find the lyrics, please post!!

I also love that you appreciate your strong points. WOOF!

When our tails wag from thinking pawsitively about ourselves, I gotta believe the world spins a little lighter for everyone on the planet.