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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let The Sun Shine!

Thanks, all you weather experts, for being wrong!

The weather forecast looked and sounded ominous. 80% chance of rain all day Saturday, and Sunday was looking "iffy." I packed books, yellow slicker and rolls and rolls of plastic and paper towels for my trip to Carrollton, GA for the annual MeccaFest weekend art festival.

We (Diana, Bev and Jay) set up around 9:00AM; books, bookmarks, posters - all of which don't fare well when drenched with water. Then we waited. Dark clouds gathered and it started sprinkling - just a few drops - around 10:00AM, opening time for the festival. Looks like the forecast was right. We pulled tables into the middle of our tent and dug for the plastic covers.

But, then, a miracle! It stopped spitting! We were all thankful, but wary. Remember, those meteorologists were dead-sure. It would rain on Saturday and rain all day. So, we waited, and waited. All morning and all afternoon we searched the skies. Closing time 5:00PM, was drawing close and precisely at that time, it started spitting rain again! We didn't care. A successful day of selling and schmoozing with patrons had come and gone...with no rain.

A lesson learned: "Don't borrow trouble," my great-aunt Sally always used to say. Next time some wet-nosed weatherman says a day I'm planning to spend outside signing and selling books is sure to be a total washout, I'll smile thinking of the beautiful, sun-shiny day ahead.

Mary Cunningham (Milkbone)

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susan said...

Mary, so glad the day turned out good for you and your group. I am a new reader of the sites here and found you by surfing around in here. I retired this year and going out in search of new authors and books that strikes my fancy. You and your books sound like a big interest so I had to drop you a line and say I am adding you to my list.

Mary Cunningham said...

So happy to see you here, Susan. You can also go to our website: http://www.woofersclub.com and read more about how we got started.

Our goal is to support women over fifty, along with adding some laughter and (from this post) a little sunshine each day!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll be a frequent visitor!

Diana Black said...

And then when I opened my eyes (and ears) to rain drops Monday morning, I sent a big ole "thank you" to the Universe for shining on us during the previous two days.

It was such a fun weekend, and meeting WOOFers is always a joy! One woman said something to the effect that she didn't know why she'd worried so about turning 50. It was time spent dwelling on something that turned out to be a gift.


Eileen Williams said...

Yeah--as the song says, "Let the sun shine in!" Sounds like a wonderful day and I hope you sold lots and lots of books. The world of women over fifty needs to start howling with joy, humor, and pride in our age, and there's no better how-to than your fabulous book WOOF!

Mary Cunningham said...

We had a super weekend. Can't remember when Diana and I have laughed that much.

Thanks, Eileen. You're a super WOOFer!!