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Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Wear Your Hat and Gloves

Recently some women in my “over fifty five” neighborhood were discussing the fact that our society has become too casual. We talked about how we missed the “glove and hat” events of our youth.

So we all decided to have an old fashioned “women only” tea party at our clubhouse.
Everyone was asked to bring her own special teacup. In addition, guests were invited to wear hats and gloves if they wanted to do so.

We had little sandwiches, flavored hot teas, and of course, sweets! There were gloves of all lengths and colors, too. But most of us quickly shed our gloves as we discovered (and remembered!) how cumbersome they can be.

Some women wore hats they had purchased many years ago, while others creatively decorated new garden hats. The favorite older model was a green pillbox hat that featured an alluring black net. One woman wore a jeweled white cowboy hat, while another wore a hat completely covered with roses. She topped off the outfit with a rose scarf and even brought a teacup featuring roses.

We all agreed that it was fun to play dress up again. A good time was had by all and we can’t wait to do it again!


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Eileen Williams said...

Your event sounds like a blast. Getting to play "dress up" was always a favorite of mine and this was an opportunity for you all to dress in your finest.
My mom had a tea service and I inherited it when she passed away. For fun one day, I invited a couple of friends over for tea and sweets. Everyone showed up in jeans or other casual wear and it just didn't feel the same. Next time I do something like that, I'm going for the hat and gloves idea. What fun!

WOOFers said...

Thanks Eileen. I agree--dressing up makes it special. And how often do we do that these days? Everyone enjoyed it so much.


Jacqueline Lichtenberg said...

Oh, yeah, glove-n-hat -- floor length gowns! Strict etiquette, all that has a place in any culture. I used to love the glitter and shine. Absolutely magical moments. I try to include them in my novels -- my new Kindle release starts out with a royal Court event.

We don't need to go back to those rules and dress codes though. We need to invent new protocols that serve the modern culture of inclusion rather than exclusion.

And there are many issues that arise after the age of 50 that should be more discussed on blogs like this one.

One really informative place I've found is geezerchick.blogspot.com done by Lois Wickstrom, a YA writer with a budding screenwriting career to watch.

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