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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Red Dress Diary: Entry Eight

Mad Dog's gettin' married! Every Friday we're reading from her "secret" diary as the big day approaches! Shhh... Here's entry eight:

Love is Wonderful The Second Time Around. Just as Wonderful With Two Feet on the Ground.
I remember falling in love and becoming a young bride many years ago. I was swept away and didn't worry about anything. Just jumped into the fire...with no money, no home and no real plans beyond the next Christmas. Ignorance is bliss, until you have to face the usual marital problems like personality and lifestyle differences, in-laws and money issues.

This time Tom and I are discussing everything from drawing up new wills and blending families, to handling assets and signing a pre-nuptial agreement. I think age and experience have helped us become better equipped to deal with concerns before they become major hurtful divisions. It seems we are approacing issues more rationally and less emotionally than we did in our first relationships. Wisdom has enabled us to treat this union more respectfully.

The passionate fire produced by young love is truly wonderful. The glowing embers of older love may not be as explosive, but they, too, warm your heart and soul. Love is different this second time around, but it is just as deep. Our feet are on the ground and not in the fire. And it is just as wonderful!

Melinda (Mad Dog)

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