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Monday, June 27, 2011

WOOF: WOOFers Who Make Spectacles of Themselves!

Question: How many sets of eyeglasses does a WOOFer need on vacation?

If you’re using this picture from my recent beach trip to determine your answer, you probably said “four.” Nice effort, but I’m sorry to say, you’re wrong.

You’re forgetting the pair I wore to take the picture!

Seems a bit obsessive, I know. But hey, it’s either that or you have traveling companions read aloud menus, sunscreen directions and tour times. And believe me, you have to totally trust someone to give you the real scoop, or you could end up burnt to a crisp, standing alone on an island while everyone else ferries back to the mainland.
So, refrain, my friends, from scoffing at my spectacular collection of spectacles.

Not everyone is as kind as this WOOFer. Some intentionally use a font size so small…only young people can read that the chocolate is hidden in the pantry!

-- d. d. dawg

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