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Friday, June 24, 2011

WOOF: Furry Friends Friday - Dog Tails

Is your dog the leader of the pack?

Or laid-back?

Either way, if you have a special dog, then you must have a Dog Tail to tell. Here's how.

Submission guidelines for:
"Dog Tails:
Stories About Women & Their Best Tail-Wagging Friends”

How to tell your story:
Whether your special canine buddy is still with you or not, we’re looking for nonfiction stories told in first person with action, dialogue and an emotional pivotal ending. Make readers laugh, cry, get chills!

How not to tell your story:
Stories should not be political in nature or preachy. We want original, unpublished stories that are 400 words or less.

How to submit your story:
A Word document e-mailed to

(Remember to save a copy for yourself!)

How to submit your picture:
Jpeg or Gif submitted to

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