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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WOOF: 50 Women Over 50 -- Gloria Steinem

The list is endless. Women Only Over Fifty (WOOFers) who lead vibrant, meaningful lives and just seem to get younger every day.

In a recent interview Gloria Steinem was asked some very “old” questions. Ones the writer/journalist/activist has answered time and again over her decades-long feminist career. Perhaps the weariest of questions addressed Steinem’s physical attractiveness, and did she have concerns it played a role in her success.

Steinem’s answer underscored the mistake it is to assess women by the way they look, as opposed to attributes like “our heads and hearts.” She added that at 75, she’s still being asked that question. (The interviewer quipped if she were 75, she’d be thrilled. Steinem assured her she would not.)

Now, whether or not WOOFers share Steinem’s politics and/or feminist views, many of us may agree with the co-founder of MS Magazine on one point she raised, paraphrased here: As we age, the years bring with them a kind of freedom.

No more attempts at being a superwoman (a feminist myth she has tirelessly fought to dispel.)

No more guilt about what a woman should or should not do, think or be.

No more fear of growing up.

To some, it may seem Steinem has always embodied those qualities. One thing is for sure, she is forever a fearless advocate of women's rights.

WOOF salutes one of our generation’s change agents, Gloria Steinem.


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