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Friday, April 23, 2010

Happily Ever After

A few weeks ago, I saw a small sign that I just had to buy. It read: "It Is Never Too Late To Live Happily Ever After." Being a WOOFer who got a second chance at love, it spoke to me and that little wooden plaque now makes a statement from my living room wall.

It occurred to me that the plaque could be meaningful to a lot of women over fifty. It not only represents another chance to share a lifetime of commitment, those words also ring true for the woman who has embarked upon a second career, found satisfaction volunteering or discovered that she is truly content being single. I think it would be fitting for my sister, also. At the age of fifty, she adopted a child from China and now--ten years later, she is very happy that she took on the role of motherhood for the first time in her mature years.

We all need to remember that we are never too old to live happily ever after.



Vered said...

Love it! Also we should remember Tom Robbins quote: "it's never late to have a happy childhood"

When you are over 50 it's time to forgive your parents and realize that it's never too late to have a happy childhood...

WOOFers said...

That is an excellent point! We all need to do that. Our childhood issues need to be left behind, like you said. That, too, is another way to live happily ever after!