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Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Kennel for Your Thoughts.

“I don’t have pet peeves,
I have whole kennels of irritation.”

—Whoopi Goldberg

When I came across Whoopi's quote and shared it with friends, it was unanimous. Perfect for WOOF...

Oh, sure, only because of the "kennel" reference. Yeah, that's it. Who of us over 50 has accumulated lots and lots of things that irritate us.

Yeah, by now we're settled into a state of sublime being. Content with ourselves and everyone else in our lives.

From the grocery store clerk who laughs when she checks our ID so we can buy that $3 bottle of wine to the aunt who reminds us how close in age we suddenly are.

That's when a less self-assured WOOFer might say, "Bite me."

Instead, you and I, why, we simply... bite them!

So, give it up. What are YOUR pet peeves? The comment section is large. We can accomodate a "kennel" of complaints.

--Diana (d.d. dawg)



Chris said...

Pet peeve: people who don't teach their dogs manners and yet expect others to like the dog even though he's jumping (or humping) on you or trying to steal food from your plate.
(Heh - that works on two levels of "pet" peeves).

Diana Black said...

Purrrrfect, Chris. I'm not sure which is worse. People who don't discipline their children or owners who let pets do exactly as you described.

Thanks for stopping by!