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Friday, August 28, 2009

WOOFer Caption Day!

Meet Blanche & Sunflower.


Blanche has been holding at "49" for a year or two or...

Sunflower is happy with that.

You see, Blanche's turning 50 would make her a


Not something that fits into Sunflower's world.

Now, armed with that information,

please caption the above.

Quick, before Sunflower shreds something!


Zan Marie Steadham said...

Beware! Entering Hardhat Zone!

Eileen Williams said...

Not exactly the cat's meow: she's a WOOFer and cookin' hotter than ever!

Diana Black said...

Good ones! There's also one on Facebook I need to transfer here.


Anonymous said...

Blanche: "You're not eating your pancakes, Sunflower!"

Sunflower thought: Pancakes? I thought they were man-hole covers.

Anonymous said...

Blanche: "I'll not cross over. But it's still my birthday, so I'm celebrating!"

Patricia Cruzan