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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fetching WOOFer Feet!

I have a thing for feet.

Back of the ankles and toes especially.

At this age, trying my hand at yoga again, I’m reminded that feet are so neglected. (Ya think? High heels!) Except for the occasional pedicure, we rarely play with our toes, just letting them wiggle and our feet flex.

Good news? Once we start pampering them a little, they start to forgive us. AND guess what? They love being up in the air. Higher than our heads. (Think babies grabbing their toes and sticking them in their mouths!)

I posted much of this on my personal blog and got this wonderful comment from Eileen Williams, of Feisty Side of Fifty fame:

Leave it to a Master Woofer to remind me that my dogs are barkin'! I haven't let my poor overworked feet hang out above my head for years. Now that you've reminded me, they're just itching to wriggle freely, straight up and proudly held high.

Okay, so tell me. Why are you still sitting there with your feet under your desk? Get off that chair, onto the floor, feet in the air…now wiggle those WOOFer toes!

Hmm, and notice whether you're losing fat on the balls of your feet. Hey, that's what Mad Dog claims in our book!

Diana (aka d.d.dawg)


Eileen Williams said...

Thanks for mentioning my comment--I may be an old dog but I can still learn some new tricks. Raising my "barkin' dogs" to their rightful position high in the air is a boon to keeping them happy. Who says that "head over heels" is the right way to go?

Diana Black said...

Ha! Love that!! "Head over heels" is much overrated.

I loved your recent blog post. Need to get over there and comment...

As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Just found this blog today, and I'm subscribing, so I won't miss a post. Feet in the air ... what fun!

Mary Cunningham said...

Oh, that's what we like to hear! Glad you stopped by and that you enjoy the blog!