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Monday, October 3, 2011

WOOF: Memory Gone To The Dogs? Ask Alpha!

Dear Alpha: 

Menopawsal memory is maddening! I can’t remember what I did yesterday. Or where I left my iPad...I have an iPad? 
Signed: Forgetful in...uh...mmm...

Dear Forgetful:
If Alpha were to guess, she’d say you’ve also forgotten that a WOOFer is entitled to a dog’s life. When was the last time you relaxed in the shade of a tree doing absolutely nothing? Ah, yes, you can’t remember. Might Alpha suggest you drag your tail outside and do exactly that. Just remember, don’t chase the cars or squirrels!

Ask Alpha! Content & Illustration Copyright Diana Black 2011
Disclaimer: Ask Alpha! is fictional in character and content.
WOOFers Club is not in the business of offering professional advice
nor is this column meant to represent anything but fiction.

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Eileen Williams said...

Dear Alpha,

As an old dog, I love learning new tricks. But some of these new fangled contraptions raise the hair on the back of my neck. I keep pawing at the automatic soap dispensers and infrared faucets in public restrooms to no avail. Doggone it! That's my bone to pick with so-called "progress!!!!"

Diana Black said...

Dear Old Dog:

Alpha knows how frustrating these new restroom gadgets can be to operate. And regardless of always making that final "pit" stop before leaving home, sometimes we just need to use public facilities. Might Alpha suggest we band together and distribute a list of "WOOFer Friendly Restrooms"? When we find one that meets our criteria, we post it ... along with ones we must avoid at all costs.

Good luck, Old Dog, and keep learning those new tricks!

Always at your service,

Mary Cunningham said...

You're not alone! Can't tell you how many times I've banged on a soap despenser only to have a "young pup" look at me like I'm a doddering old fool! They should put signs on these things!