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Friday, October 14, 2011

WOOF: Furry Friends Friday- Doga/Yoga!

WOOF is thrilled to introduce Brenda Bryan who, along with the help of her three dogs, developed a yoga practice called Barking Buddha Doga.
The concept of doing yoga with your dog admittedly sounds a little strange, but it’s proven to be a fun and healthy activity; and after teaching this class for a few years and writing a book on the subject, I’ve observed and heard from a variety of students on how doga has gleaned benefits for both human and canine.

The cool thing about Doga is any breed of dog or human can benefit from the poses.  Besides promoting relaxation and muscle health, doga can deepen the already strong bond we have with our dogs as we learn to be completely present with our dogis in class. 
Dogs make great yoga partners because they are pack animals.  The word yoga actually means union and packs are about union.  Most dogs do well in doga because they love working with and being with their human.  Dogs can bring out the best in us and make us feel more connected through the unconditional love we share with them.  That union or connection we have with the best part of ourselves can make us better people in the world.   Doing Doga can deepen the already strong bond we have with our dogs because just like dogs, we are social creatures wired to create connections with other beings, human or animal.   

Doga can become a catalyst for a deeper connection to those around us as we learn to connect on a deeper level with our dogs by learning to be present.  I always say if you can learn to be present with your dog in class you can be present in the rest of your life.
Doga is a fun and healthy activity for you and your dog.  Both yogi and dogi can benefit from a doga practice as a way to promote and strengthen the very special bond that you and your dog share.
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