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Monday, August 1, 2011

WOOF: Sissies Need Not Apply!

Sisters, 50 ain’t for sissies!   Why?
  • Oily facial pores turn into lava beds beneath six layers of moisturizing products.
  • Willowy waists expand into redwood trunks after one bag of movie popcorn.
  • Steel-trap minds unhinge at the drop of a…uh, what is it? Oh well, something or other.
Just sayin’ it takes courage to face and admit to being that ever-changing woman in the mirror.

Someone, somewhere, sometime made this profound statement: “We admire a woman for the courage to show herself to the world as she is, and in the end it's the courage we find attractive.” Imagine we’d all like to thank this “unknown author,” wherever and whoever she is.

And also like to ask her if she always had the courage to show herself as she is. Or did it come easier after she reached middle-age.

Because in the big scheme of things, what’s a little dry skin? Or adding belt holes? Or…there was a third thing, but I forget.

So here’s to our fearless sisterhood, slathering as fast as we can.

Yet plucky enough to be good with however it plays out.

(Plucky. That reminds me, where are my tweezers? Or should I just break down and get the hedge trimmers?)

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