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Friday, March 25, 2011

WOOF: Dog Tails - Gray Acres

Continuing the WOOF series Dog Tails!

This dog tale began almost eight years ago. My husband adopted a mixed golden lab named Oliver the year before, and he quickly became a member of our family, sleeping on his own bed in the corner of our bedroom.

With us both working and our children at school during the day, we decided to go in search of a play-pal for Oliver, and a lap dog for me. I really wanted a cat, but my husband being a die-hard dog man, and our lab being a natural born cat chaser, that was out of the question. So, while shopping for Christmas presents in the mall, we visited the pet store and fell in love with a rambunctious Jack Russell Terrier we named Chloe. However, we weren’t in love with the price tag that came with her. She cost us $400 and a trip to the vet, netting a grand total of $550, not including what we spent at Pet Smart.

Oliver and Chloe instantly bonded and we were one big happy family of mom, dad, three kids and two dogs. But our fairy fable soon found its tragic story arch. Thinking I had a cold that was often reoccurring, I soon discovered I wasn’t sick at all… just allergic to dog hair. With a sad heart, two of my children had to move from the luxurious accommodation of the having run of the whole house into a deluxe doghouse in the backyard.

Over the next two years, our backyard family grew from two to four as a miniature Jack Russell mix wandered up into our yard, half-beaten and practically starved. After a few days of nursing, we just couldn’t part with the precious blessing that stumbled into our lives. So, Precious was introduced to Chloe and Oliver, who instantly adopted the half-blind and deaf orphan. Chloe mothers her and Oliver keeps watch over her, going to wake her if something is happening in the yard, so she doesn’t miss out.

Our family grew once again when a mixed red-nosed Straffordshire Terrier named Pumpkin, who showed up on our doorstep one morning and refused to leave. We put her in the yard, and she instantly became the new pack leader, allowing Oliver to only THINK he’s the alpha male.

I often shake my head at the medley: A $500 pureblood amid three misfit mutts; it’s the new Gray Acres.

-- T.L. Gray

(click here to visit her website and learn about her book The Blood of Cain!)

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