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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WOOF: Unleashed!

We know. You hear the WOOF motto “Ride with the wind in your face!” and freak, thinking it will only make your face drier!

But we firmly believe that’s why moisturizers and lotions keep improving. To enable any woman over fifty to risk being a bit more frisky!

Now admit it. Isn’t there a part of you just itching to cut loose? (We aren’t suggesting you leave relationships, careers or other responsibilities!)

Just maybe treat yourself to a pedicure. Or a foreign language course. Or a zip line adventure!

In each of the following areas, what would do without hesitation if you knew:

• you’d survive unscathed.________________________________________

• you’d positively impact a young woman._____________________________

• you’d discover what you’re meant to do in this life._________________

Even if you're not quite ready to emBARK on any of the above, we know you're feeling a sense of emotional freedom just allowing yourself to dream unfettered.

WOOF: Unleashed! Women freeing themselves from body images and/or belief systems that no longer serve. Or just out there doing something they have a passion for, that makes their heart sing. Or women still searching for answers who need a sisterhood to urge them to let go and let life!

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