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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Woofers + Chocolate!

d.d. dawg (Diana), Mad Dog (Melinda), and Milkbone (Mary), celebrate the arrival of WOOF books with chocolate/chocolate cake!

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Gayle Carline said...

Congratulations! And chocolate/chocolate cake, too!?! I'm so envious - I had to give up chocolate for menopause. Lemme tell ya, it sucks.

Mary Cunningham said...

Give up chocolate??!?

Gayle, you have our sympathy! Thanks for the congrats!

Chris V. said...

What no chocolate? What's life then? Cool looking cake! and congrats on a cool looking book! (I'd endure the night sweats and keep the chocolate!)

Mary Cunningham said...

I'm with you, Chris. No chocolate?? Big problem!!

Anne Carter said...

Okay ladies, here's the good news (in ADDITION TO the release of the Woofers' new book!!):

"Dark chocolate's health benefits are attributed to flavonoids --naturally occurring antioxidants that help prevent some of the effects of aging on the body, the Mayo Clinic Women's Health Source says.

...one study showed 6 grams of dark chocolate a day -- one square -- lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 2 points each."

So I went right out to the Sweet Factory and bought some!!!

Congrats, ladies, I can't wait to get my copy!!

~Anne, happily munching melting chocolate in blazing So. Cal!

Mary Cunningham said...

Anne, even tho you couldn't possibly qualify in age, you're a true WOOFer in the chocolate spirit!

Enjoy the dark chocolate!