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Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Is It So Hard To Find Clothes for WOOFers?

Every time I go shopping, I get frustrated. I can’t seem to find anything to wear. My choices are something in the Hannah Montana line, or an outfit that looks like it belonged to Eleanor Roosevelt (no offense to a great woman, but her generation dressed in a style I would label as “dowdy”).

These days clothing manufacturers are making their apparel for either the young, very shapely bodies or the older “only one curve and it is round” figures. Many of us over fifty have bodies that fall somewhere in the middle, and we want something stylish and flattering.

Take jeans for example. Most these days are “low riders.” I don’t sport a butterfly tattoo, and I really don’t think the world is ready to be exposed to my lower back (and that other thing that rhymes with back). I want something that sits comfortably at my waist and hides my tummy. The other day when I tried on a pair of elastic waist jeans, I let out a shriek that sent the sales lady running into the dressing room to see if I had just dropped dead. In the mirror I swear I saw my grandmother (God rest her soul) in pants that could have passed as two huge blue sacks.

And what about underwear? I find panties that either look like they could be used for big white kites, or thongs. Now you talk about uncomfortable! Not that I have had any experience with those thong panties—but I can just imagine what they feel like in that place I refuse to expose that rhymes with back.

Dresses, skirts and blouses aren’t much better. My middle aged roll won’t allow me to wear those cropped tops, and it seems my only other choice is a “I never leave the house” muumuu. Aren’t there any tasteful styles that are somewhere between “I’m a cute little hottie” and “I don’t care what I look like anymore?”

I don’t mean to slam or ridicule any age, size or shape, but honestly most of what is available for women over fifty is definitely not appealing to us, or appropriate for our body types.

I’m not trying to give anyone a plug here, but there are a few manufacturers that have gotten the message that there are a lot of women like me looking for nice clothes that fit well. I like the pretty styles at Coldwater Creek (especially when they hit the discount outlet store online!) and I discovered my favorite western store carries a line made by Wranglers called Aura. Not only do the jeans hug my waist comfortably, they are stretchy! Can’t beat that! I also understand that Spanx undergarments are the greatest thing since popcorn for “not so perfect but not terrible” older bodies like mine. I am anxious to try them.

So kudos to those folks, but we need to see a lot more choices out there for WOOFers!!

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Mary Cunningham said...

Amen, WOOfers Club! I couldn't agree more, especially about those low-rise jeans! Aaackkk!