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Monday, May 26, 2008

Two Song Broads

Cher’s take on aging. “It sucks!”

Tina Turner. “Age is just a number.”

Gotta love 'em both. Tina, 68, touring again. Still, legs to die for. Attitude and light radiating from her FUNky hair right down to her stilettos. Makes you wonder if that river she’s been rolling on all these years flows from the fountain of youth.

Cher, 61, opening in Las Vegas. No biggie if you’re a performer of her caliber, right? Well, maybe. Except she gets stage fright and could easily sit home playing computer solitaire. For whatever reason, she’s also putting herself out there again. And, like Tina, she’s still got it going on.

Just maybe not quite so thrilled when she looks in the mirror at a middle-aged woman. Tina may have had a moment like that. Who knows. And perhaps Cher will turn the corner and feel better about the whole aging process. She and Tina already have a lot in common, personally as well as professionally.

Bottom line is this: These two song broads STILL give life all they got.

And, why not? It’s that, or play the red eight on the black nine. Now THAT sucks!

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