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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WOOF: One Ringy Dingy Lingy

So. I call the hair salon using my desk speaker phone.

A woman answers on the first ring. "Hello. Can you hold?"

"Yes." Silence.

Ding. I pick up my iPhone to read the text message that just arrived.

Okay, better text back. click click click...

"So...blah blah blah..."

What?!?! Where's that woman's voice coming from? How can it be coming from my text?!?! It's not Siri.

 Oh, wait. It's from my desk phone speaker. The hair salon receptionist.

I break into laughter and try to explain that I was texting and totally forgot I was on hold so I thought her voice was coming from the text I was sending and...

Yeah. She now pretty much thinks I'm crazy, too.

Multitasking. Used to be no more complicated than balancing the phone receiver on your shoulder while painting your toenails.

Woofers, beware. There's a little squirrel in all of us. ~ d.d.dawg

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Debbie said...

I loved this-it speaks me more than I'd like. Keep up the good work girls. :)

Diana Black said...

Thanks, Debbie! Yeah, it's hard to admit we can easily be...uh...um...distracted. :) Thanks again for stopping by! d.d.dawg