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Monday, April 23, 2012

WOOF: Media Monday - Letter From A Stranger

For all you Barbara Taylor Bradford fans! I became one years ago when I read Woman of Substance. While I haven't read all her books, I was recently sent the audio version of Letter From A Stranger by publicist, Esther Bochner of MacMillan and Co, and was reminded why I'm a fan.

Justine Nolan is a documentary filmmaker who lost her beloved grandmother a decade ago – the person who was the only source of love and comfort in her life. Her own mother, Deborah, has always been distant and uninvolved, following her own agenda in pursuit of her career as an interior designer.

But when Justine inadvertently opens a letter addressed to her mother, she discovers that not only is her grandmother, Gabriele, alive, but that Deborah has deliberately estranged the family from her for all these years. Justine’s search for her grandmother takes her to Istanbul, where she begins to uncover the family’s secrets, which stretch all the way back to World War II. As the layers of deception peel away, Justine begs to understand a woman she never really knew… and she begins to ask questions about the true desires of her own heart.

My Review:

As usual, Barbara Taylor Bradford sucked me, imediately, into this beautiful story of family secrets and intrigue. Vivid descriptions take the reader on a magical journey as Justine Nolan struggles to find answers to troubling questions revealed in a letter that could change all she's believed about her family.

At first, I wasn't sure I'd appreciate Nicola Barber's reading of the audio book, but her soothing voice quickly engaged.

I enjoyed this book every bit as much as other Barbara Taylor Bradford novels, although Woman of Substance remains my all-time favorite.

"Letter..." is captivating from start to finish.

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